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Can MEI receive PIS? Find out if you have this right – Rede Jornal Contabil Brasil – Contabilidad – INSS

Extra money is always welcome. Especially if we consider the time of the crisis we live in Brazil. So knowing whether MEI receives PISG fertilizer is very important. After all, it can be money received without waiting, in time, if you plan to invest in your venture.

In fact, you may have heard of the PISA and PASEP, but since many acronyms and jargons that include social insurance, they must also be comprehensively understood. So, look more on this topic here and answer your questions.

What is PIS credit?

Payment of PISG payments is an annual payment of the amount that can reach the value of the minimum wage, employees in enterprises, private individuals and taxpayers of the PISG (Social Integration Program) or PASEP Capital shareholders).

The contribution to these programs is aimed at financing the payment of insurance in the event of unemployment, payment and participation in the revenues of the bodies and entities for public and private workers. That is, these contributions are used to provide FGTS and manage the Integration Program, a dirty program for supplementing state revenues.

You have the right to receive PISG / PASEP payment:

  • Workers who have PIS / PASEP register for at least 5 years;
  • Workers who have received a maximum of two minimum wages per month in the year preceding the payment of the PISG;
  • Workers who worked at least 30 days in the previous year;
  • Workers who correctly informed their information in RAIS for the current year.

What is the MEI consulting to know if it is entitled to the PISG?

If you are a MEI and have a signed work permit in another workplace, you have a PISG number

Use this number to make inquiries through:

  • Check the status of your PISG by phone, via the number 0800 726 0207;
  • In the branches of the federation Caika Economica;
  • In the agencies agreed in the Caika Akui system;
  • Lottery Post;
  • Internet, via the official website of Caika Economica Federal.
  • Through the Cashier application.

MEI receives PISG loan?

Bearing in mind the above conditions, in order for an employee to have the privilege of receiving PIS payments, MEI, simply because MEI, is not entitled to compensation. That is, just because it is formalized as this unique function, the entrepreneur has no right to pay PISG.

The other thing is that those who have the right to PISG are workers who have a formal contract. Since the MEI requirement does not include a formal contract (although MEI can not sign your portfolio), there is no way to abide by the rules on benefits.

However, if MEI has a contract signed by another employer, that is, he has a job as a MEI, but he also worked with a formal contract, then he is entitled to the PISG benefit, provided that the rules for receiving the fee are met.

In this case, even the fact that MEI does not affect nothing, because the rule prevailed in order to entitle the employee to a formal contract. Recalling, however, that if it pays in the portfolio, besides income with MEI exceeds the value of two minimum wages, it is not entitled to compensation.

How to receive a PISG benefit

Those who are eligible to pay PIS, can make a direct withdrawal from Caika Economica Federal, in the lottery houses or receive payments through their own employer. Or, who owns an account in the Cashier, can receive the amount directly paid into their account.

However, you must follow the payment schedules posted by Caika Economica Federal, and you can contact the Internet. Payment dates take into account the month of the employee's birthday. So, if you are entitled to a fee and count on that extra money for some important purpose, please inquire about the expected date of payment of the fee.

You can get more information about PISC loans by going to Caika Economica Federal website or contacting the call center of the bank.

Learn about MEI rights

Although MEI, just because MEI is not eligible to pay PIS, it is very important that MEI be informed of all the rights it has. This is because the MEI registry provides several benefits to the entrepreneur, and this is more within these benefits, but you can enjoy them.

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