Friday , August 19 2022

Curitiba opens vaccination posts against yellow fever this Saturday; I know where


This Saturday (16/3), the City will offer a yellow fever vaccine to seven health units. These are: Jardim Gabineto, Sabara, Taiz Viviane Machado and Osvaldo Cruz, in the CIC; Parigot de Souza and Salvador Allende, in Sitio Cercado; and Vila Machado, in Pinheirinho.

The director of the Epidemiology Center of the Municipal Department of Health, Alcides de Oliveira, points out that the vaccine is the main form of disease prevention. "People should be vaccinated, especially those who will travel in the forest and coast, where the mosquito conducts a yellow fever circulates," he explains.


Vaccination on Saturdays is an alternative for those who can not attend health facilities from Monday to Friday. This is the sixth weekend where the City Assembly promotes action.

In addition to Saturday's offer, the vaccine is available from Monday to Friday in 110 health facilities in Curitiba.

Curitiba does not have a yellow fever virus circulation, but since the first case was confirmed in Parana on January 28, demand for the vaccine has increased.

Eight yellow fever cases have already been confirmed in the country: two in Morreta, two in Adrianopolis, two in Curitiba, one in Antonina and one in Campina Grande do Sul.

Oliveira clarifies that the cases confirmed in Curitiba have been imported. "People were sick in other municipalities during the trip. And they were not vaccinated, "explains Oliveira.

Balance Sheet

From the beginning of the year to this Friday (03/3), 235,616 vaccine doses were administered in health facilities in Curitiba. In the last ten years, 790,156 people have been vaccinated in Curitiba.


The vaccine is indicated for those from 9 months to 59 years. It is found in one dose – anyone who took it once does not need to take another dose.

In Curitiba, one way to check if the vaccine is registered for those who have lost the vaccine card is to download the healthcare application now – available for smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS operating systems – pre-register and consult the vaccine .

People over 60 years of age, pregnant women and mothers who need a medical prescription for the vaccine. It is contraindicated in people with impaired immune system, with a history of severe allergic reaction or acute febrile illness.

Units that offer this yellow fever vaccine this Saturday
8:00 to 13:00 – Health Unit Vila Machado (Rua Laudelino Ferreira Lopes, 2,959, Pinheirinho)
From 8am to 1pm – Parigot de Souza Health Unit (Rua Joao Eloi de Souza, 111, Sitio Cercado)
From 8am to 1pm – Health Unit Salvador Allende (Rua Celeste Tortato, s / n, Sitio Cercado)
From 8am to 12pm – Health Service at Sabara (Rua Pedro Andretta, 3.030, CIC)
8 hours – Health Unit Taiz Viviane Machado (Rua Gastao Natal Simone, 5, CIC)
8 am – Health Service Osvaldo Cruz (Rua Pedro Gusso, 3,749, CIC)
8 am – Jardim Gabineto Health Unit (Rua Eng. Joao Visinoni, 458, CIC)

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