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"He was not even alive today," Joelma says of the attacks of Ximbinha – 11/11/2018


Singer Joelma was thrilled with the memory of alleged attacks she suffered from her former mastermind, musician Ximbinha, during a conversation with TV Globo's "Fantastico" on Sunday (11). Joelma and Ximbinha maintained their relationship for almost two decades, but announced their departure in July 2015.

On this occasion, the singer filed a request for protective measures in court, based on the Maria da Penha Act, which creates mechanisms for combating violence against women in the family and family, in accordance with Article 8, 226 of the Federal Constitution.

"And if I'm alive, it's because the singer who worked with me took me from the person's hands at the time [da agressão]because it was not for me to be alive today, "Joelma said in a conversation with Louis Brunette, who also claims she has suffered domestic violence." My life was so bound and related to my marriage. They were my job, my family, my feelings of a woman, everything is intertwined. So bound, so bound, it is almost impossible to separate. Suddenly everything is collapsing. They pulled out my strength, I felt like I was a zombie. But I thought, "I have to get up." I could not accept that situation, "said the singer.

Ximbinha denied the charges of a former woman in a telephone interview for General Balance on Friday (9) and then stated that "Jellm moved out of her own mother, called her sister in a tow and drove her daughter into adolescence."

"I want to show you that all these accusations of Jamel are slanderous, lightweight and extrapolated this week." This woman went over […]"Shot Ximbinha.

"[Joelma] He was expelled as a thief, saying that his mother had stolen him. She took a sister from our house, who was worried about our children and our house […]. When I try to get up, she comes with these lies and slander, trying to hurt me, "he added to the complaint book.

When UOL, the press office Joelme said that the singer will not talk about the charges of Ximbinha.

Joelma and Ximbinha announced the end of their 16-year marriage in August 2015. At that time, the statement said that "respect, gratitude, friendship, admiration and partnership" would remain reciprocal. That did not happen.

During the performance, Dželma suggested that she betray Ximbinha and point her finger at her ex-husband by singing a piece of the song "The Moon Who Made Me".

Next month, Justice Parba banned Ximbinha from being less than 100 meters from Joel, based on Maria da Penha's law. However, a music lawyer was able to offer a week later, which allowed the guitarist to return to the band.

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