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"I will never learn to forgive myself," says Leandro's son, 20 years after the death of the singer.


Thiago Costa paid tribute to his father in social networks

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In 1998, Leandro died after fighting a Aksin tumor, a rare cancer, at 36 years. He is Leonardo were one of the main recesses of success in the world sertanejo The fight against disease and death caused a crowd in Brazil. To this day, the fans are thrilled to remember Leandra.

Serrano singer, Leandro, died in 1998, and his son Thiago Costa.

Serrano singer, Leandro, died in 1998, and his son Thiago Costa.

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The singer left four children: Thiago, 33, Leandro, 26, Liandra, 22 and Leandrinho, 20.

On Tuesday, July 6th, Thiago Costa entered the social network in social networks. He posted an old photo with his father in Instagram and made an exciting tribute. "I love you, Dad, wherever you are. I will never learn to forgive myself!" He wrote.

Thiago Costa and Pedro, son Leonardo, also made sertanja that lasted until 2013.

Still on Instagram, Thiago published a video in honor of Liandre's sister, which is now being formed. "Dad is very proud of you, I'm sure, congratulations!" He wrote.

In June Leandro's daughter also acknowledged her father's recognition in her official profile at Instagram. Liandra was three years old when the singer died.

"When I go through a" problem "that I think is great, it becomes small when I think that the biggest loss of my life I've ever had, you," embraced the title of a photo that appears on his father.

Do you know that I think of you every day? Even … there are no days in my life when I forget you or the rush of everyday life makes you lose your space in my mind. It's funny, because sometimes I hope to think, Can you imagine if my father was here? What would he think of this or that? Would he approve such a person or such a reaction in front of the situations that I am going through? When I lost you, I should have finished three years, I lived most of my life without you. In 4 days I am 23 years old and without you I have lived 20 years !!!! My God !!!! When I go through a "problem" that I think is great, it becomes small when I think the biggest loss of my life I've ever had, you know. How would I like to know you better? Really. I wanted to love her. I do not know what to do. I do not know what to do, but I do not know what to do. my God, it's 20 years) that you always lived with me, I always talked to you about my thoughts, my dreams … and that's incredible, because I feel so close to me. So close to. I feel your love, and this is a gift from God for me, and I'm sure you'll feel me from here too. We have a divine relationship that is eternal. This is incredible. I love you so much! After all, if I stay here, I write to you to stay all day, I look like I'm talking to you, because this is already a habit for me. I just wanted to register here that you need in your life every day, today is just another day. I know you will be with me this year on my graduation, in my marriage, and in all other important moments of my Life, I love you forever and forever! Your passage here has shown many people how fragile life is, but how much we can look forward to the people and celebrate the good things in our passage … 20 years is a lot and a bit, it's a bit when we think that real life is an eternal life … This is nothing other than paragraph. Soon the father?

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