Friday , June 2 2023

"It's the Best Bunch in Brazil"


Flamengo celebrates 123 years of history this Thursday (November 15th). And a very important figure in the corridor Rubro-Negro moved. It's real Mario Jorge Lobo Zagallo, the icon of the club and the Brazilian team. From national sports in a general way.

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In a video posted by Flamengo on his YouTube channel and on social networks, Velho Lobo gets a post, a storytelling story, does not hold tears and declares himself at the Rio club. In the last part of the chat, the multiplier leaves a special message for the red and black fans.

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"All I've given Flamengo in my life, either as a player or as a coach, is a winning step, and fans are part of this life." "How many times did not she applaud me as a player, as a trainer?" I always said: Flamengo fans are the best that exists inside Brazil. I repeat: Flamengo fans are the best that exists inside Brazil, not to mention outside, "he said.

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