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JAC continues to accelerate, despite the judicial recovery


JAC continues to accelerate, despite the judicial recovery

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SHC Group gets time to adopt new models and negotiate debt


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– vehicle financing by 26% in 2016
– Cetesb inaugurated a $ 12 million diesel laboratory

Despite the request for judicial recovery group of SHC, president of the company Sergio Habib guarantees that they will continue importing JAC Motors. He believes he will close 2018 with around 4,000 vehicles and estimates between 5,000 and 6,000 units for the next year.

The executive approved the interview when starting JAC T50 with automatic CVT. Convinced of the company's recovery, it promises up to February 2019 seven-month SUV and electric car for July, E40, but with a price of 129,990 dollars. There will also be a darts truck.

As for future imports, he says: "It's easier now," comparing his situation with those who were running around the football pitch with stones and removing them for a while, in fact debts with banks, suppliers, labor and civilians. They exceed $ 500 million.

"I got six months to capitalize and at the end of that period I negotiate with creditors," says JAC Motors to Brasil.

In addition to this period, SHC will also have a grace period for payment and long-term rates. He attributes Citroën's current situation: "It reduced the volume and did not allow me to reduce the surface of my dealers."

Habib recalled that the participation of the French brand in the Brazilian car market fell from 3% in 2011 to 0.9% in the accumulation from 2018. "I only sold 38,000 cars of the brand, this year the total volume of Citroen will be under 20,000 vehicles," he recalls.

Due to the inclusion of Inovar-Autou and the non-establishment of the factory, Habib has a debt with the government. "I will have to sit with them and negotiate this," said the businessman, not revealing value.

He regretted what happened in 2011. On March 18, the same year, the entrepreneur opened 46 outlets. He sold a large amount of cars in a short time, but would provoke the wrath of the manufacturers already installed in Brazil.

The result came in the form of a decree that in December of that year increased by 30 percentage points IPI rate for imported cars that came outside of Mercosur and Mexico.

"The government risked condemning the World Trade Organization because it knew it would take time, as it actually did," he says. The JAC network currently has 25 concessionaires. Of this, 17 belong to Sergio Habibu.

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