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Jeep passes Honda in the first half of March

Jeep passes Honda in the first half of March

With only two models actually sold on a large scale, Jeep gets on the world market. Even after Nissan left behind, even when the Japanese offer cheaper products and even a mid-size truck, the American brand is now crossing Honda in March's partial sales, according to the Auto Report website.

In the first 15 days of the month, 4,328 units were sold, Jeep reached a 5.5% share in the domestic market. On the contrary, Honda sold exactly 4,200 vehicles, giving it a 5.4% market share. Renegade, after upgrading, increases Jeep's sales, and ends in fifth in two days.

Compass also did not fall far behind and finished eighth, defeating Nissan's Kicks. He has not received an upgrade yet, and just as Renegade maintains a weak E.torK, he keeps the unwanted Tigershark. It is expected to get more sales force with the Firefly 1.3 Turbo, which will also be aimed at a younger brother.

Jeep passes Honda in the first half of March


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If it continues at this pace, the Jeep should jump even further with the arrival of the seven-component version of the Compass, which should hit directly with Tiguan and Ekuinok.

In Honda, HR-V, who was already a leader in the SUV segment and theoretically needed to sell well, it was only 14 in two days. The model is still a powerful player in the sports utility market, but it lacks the courage to reverse the situation.

Honda's crossover has been updated at the same time as Renegade, but it still does not attract the attention of consumers, who prefer the small Jeep. In the coming months, the arrival of the 1.5-liter turbo 174 horsepower in the Touring version is expected to revive the model in difficult competition conditions.

Jeep passes Honda in the first half of March

In addition, Honda – which transfers production to Itirapin – is not able to further increase the performance of its other models. Fit remains on hold for a new generation, which is expected to finally have an engine of 1.0 horsepower, already used in other cars in Japan.

The same applies to the city, criticized for not having traction control and stability in upgrading, keeping the style of behavior forever. That is, it can not attract more light to itself. VR-V has come out promising, but it also can not go further due to its price and absence of items (as in the city).

The citizen is the only one who is properly set up in other markets, but his courage (which is missing in others) does not fit so much a segment where Corolla dominates without a threat. In order to make things worse, apart from falling in the middle segment, Cruze is approaching in early 2019 and already shows a point in the "LaneVatch" of the Japanese …

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Jeep passes Honda in the first half of March

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