Saturday , April 1 2023

Joesley's Defense Formulates New Request to Abolish Temporary Prison – Politics


Joesley's defense argued that,
Joesley's defense claimed that until today there was no demonstration by the Federal Public Ministry (photo: VILLIAN MOREIRA / FUTURA PRESS / FUTURA PRESS / ESTADAO CONTENT)

Joeslei Batista, J & F defense lawyer, today filed another application for the seizure of a temporary imprisonment by the Federal Court (TRF-1) of the First Region against his client. The request was filed by Mnica Sifuentes, who issued the conditions of Operation Capita, applying Lava Jato.

In today's petition, Joesley's Defense claimed that until today there was no statement by the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) about a request that was announced yesterday, September 9, to free businessmen. The defense also mentions that the Federal Supreme Court (STF) minister, Edson Fachin, has appointed a hearing to hear former State Prosecutor Rodrigo Janot on Monday (12), during which a Joe's plea for co-operation was terminated.

"As the applicant attended all the acts of the case, he repeated the request to confiscate the temporary arrest in order to attend the hearing and avoid his redesign," said lawyer Andr Luis Callegari.

On yesterday's request, lawyers argued that the temporary guardianship of businessmen was ordered to be heard and handed over by Justy. Since the Federal Police has already filed a businessman's testimony and the claims and claims for arrest were made, there would be no need for arrest, the defense contends.

"There is no evidence that the applicant hides evidence or hinders the investigation. On the contrary, all its acts show absolute commitment to clarifying these and other facts." Since the signing of his agreement on cooperation, the applicant has already given dozens of testimonies and deposited hundreds of documents at the request of public authorities, "the defense says.

In addition to Jesslia, J & F Executive Director Ricardo Saud was also arrested in an operation that was carried out last night. According to the judge, the informants "continue to hide the facts, although they behave, obviously, as if cooperating with Justus, signing contracts on rewarded cooperation."

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