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Kaisar, chairman of "BBB18", debuts in novels. "Fixed paper" says the author


Former BBB Kaisar Dadour joins Globo! The second place in "BBB18", Syrian will take part in the "Orphans of the Earth" soap, scheduled for the six online. In an interview with UOL, Thelma Guedes, author of the project with Duca Rachid, spoke about the ranking of the refugee, who specifically took part in the "Carcereiros" series. "He did the test and exceeded expectations. The Kaisar will have fixed paper and interpret Arabic Sauze," explained the novelist, who will have names like Alice Vegmann and Renato Goes.

Plot for raising refugee issues

Incidentally, the novel – which is scheduled for release in March next year – will deal with the cause of refugees, in which Kaisar lives. He entered a global realistic show with you to bring the entire family that lived in Syria to Brazil and at the end of September this year celebrated the arrival of their parents, George and Diana, and his sister Celina in the territory of Brazil

Champion of Reality, Glejits want to study the theater: "To make it easier"

Gleici Damasceno, the winner of the $ 1.5 million prize, also intends to dedicate himself to artistic dramaturgy. "I intend to study the theater in Riu. I studied psychology and I would like to continue in the future, but for now I want to study theater, it's not an investment in acting career, but to be more relaxed, to communicate better.I am happy and well today , in peace, "he explained in an interview Purepeople acreana. Confirmed at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival by Tuiuti Paradise, a young woman is excited about the arrival of a popular festival. "I'm in the expectation of the truth, it's the first time I will take part in the carnival here in Rio and leave the peak of the Tuiuta paradise, I'm very happy. I recognize the history of the school and this is important to me, samba, but not yet He learned that. By March, something can go out, "he said. However, Wagner's girlfriend explained that her fantasy would not dare: "Do not expect to get out of popcorn and breast." (Laughs) will behave more, but very nice. "

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