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Mara Maravilha shows the whole face of your baby for the first time


Host Mara Maravilha enchanted by showing her son’s face for the first time in years after the adoption

presenter miracle miracle for the first time he showed the full face of his three-year-old son Benjamin. Mara and her fiancé Gabriel Torres adopted the boy Benjamin two years ago, but they still haven’t shown the boy’s face.

miracle miracle he has already explained on some occasions that at that time the reason why he did not show his son’s face was the adoption process, which had not yet been completely completed.

But now, it seems that it is no longer a problem and the host and singer showed a beautiful photo in which she appears with her son in her arms and shows the whole face of the boy. Little Benjamin appears smiling in the photo with his mother.

Showing a beautiful plate, miracle miracle he told his son, saying: “Benjamin, you are the best of me … What is being done with the children now is what they will do with the company later. Love and respect children! Happy Children’s Day, my wonderful people, I love you and I am very happy … look at the beauty and charm of my little heartbreaker and you have not seen anything, because I guarantee that it is extraordinary and LIVE CHILDREN’S DAY! ”.

Many famous people praised little Benjamin. “This baby is too beautiful!” God bless your puppy Mara “, commented one user of the network. Another internet user said: “Your son is great! It’s even prettier than I imagined! ”.

The network user also stated: “Finally, Benjamin’s face is so beautiful! In love. “Another internet user also commented:” Viva! We finally saw the prince! God bless you! ” One internet user also stated: “But Benjamin is beautiful! How sweet! “Another Internet user also said,” What a joy to finally see Benjamin’s little face! It’s so beautiful! “Another Internet user commented,” God bless you with your family, how beautiful your son is. “

Mara Maravilha enchanted by showing her son's face

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