Saturday , June 3 2023

MediaTek plans the 5G modem next year



If rumors are confirmed, Mediatek can prepare the first 5G modem next year.

The Helio M70 is available in devices launched in the first half of the following year. However, the integrated solution should only appear at the end of 2019, the first device to be used for 2020.

The 5G networks are sure to be launched, but are still in a rather gradual fashion. Although the future of communication also takes into account, there are still few tools available to support consumers and even fewer providers who are publicly in contact.

The Helio M70 modem is independent of the chipset, so it can also be used on devices that do not include a processor from the same manufacturer. With the integrated solution they are directly connected to the processor.

The solution of integrated modems is better appreciated by manufacturers as it greatly reduces manufacturing costs.

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