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Mitsubishi will invest $ 300 million in the production of new SUVs in Goias – Diario do Grande ABC


On Wednesday, July 7, Mitsubishi announced an investment of $ 300 million to produce a SUV at a Catalao (GO) plant in order to boost the Eclipse Cross Sports Service (SUV), launched recently in Japan. Initially, the model will be imported and nationalization will appear in the second half of 2019.

This is the first investment announcement of the national HPE Group – which is Mitsubishi and Suzuki in Brazil – since 2010, when the company launched a $ 1 billion plan for five years, during which the plant in Goas opened a line of imaging and expanded its capacity to 100 thousand vehicles per year. Today, it operates with 70% of infinity.

The announcement was announced at the International Automobile Fair, which opened at the public opening of the Sao Paulo Expo on Friday, starting at 1 pm. The event lasts until the age of 18.

Robert Ritscher, HPE's chief operating officer, said the money would be used to maintain production lines, new equipment and staff training. About 200 new jobs will open (10% of the current value).

"Eclipse Cross is a global vehicle, our first product of the global alliance of Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi," said Rittscher. Already with the triple group it is negotiating future production and the new Pajero Sport, another vehicle to be introduced by local Mitsubishi, which has a license to produce a brand brand in the country.

The Annapolis factory also produces the Suzuki Jeep Jimni in manual version. The model with automatic transmission, Jimni Sierra, will be imported from the second half of next year.


Another Goe producer, Cao Cheri, reported on Wednesday that in August, the Anapolis Factory, Tiggo 5k, will start in December and Tiggo 7 in January. The group is also studying the production of the new generation SUV, Tiggo 8 (all exhibited in the showroom), says Cao Cheri, Marcio Alfonso.

This month, the company started a session of the Arrizo Sedan, in Jacarei (SP). Three models are owned by Chinese company Cheri, a company with which Caoa, which produces some Korean Hiundai licensed vehicles, partners for a year and has announced a $ 2 billion investment. The intention is to adapt the two factories to the products of both brands. Caoa, however, still negotiates with Hiundai to maintain a licensing agreement.

The Jacarei manufactured KK and Tiggo 2 models, and it is expected to produce 24,000 vehicles in 2019, compared to a production capacity of 50,000 units per year. Catalao units already have to build some 15,000 units. All new models have a low nationalization rate. "In about two to three years about 60% of nationalization should be achieved," Alfonso said.

The executive director said the group is considering importing a Cheri KK electric, compact car, which, he said, could be sold at a price of $ 50,000, depending on the market conditions and the exchange. Information from the newspapers State S. Paula.

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