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Palmeiras again makes an attack without Dudu


Palmeiras will go to Belo Horizonte to face Atletico-MG without their main strikers – Dudu – and with suspicions about the escalation of Villiana. The first is the best player of the team, but is suspended; the other, the athlete who finished most in Brasileirao, recovered from muscle injuries. This means that an efficient attack by the team, who made 51 goals in the tournament, will play in "Minas". With six remaining cars, the team runs a five-point tournament, which is fine from Inter.

To replace these basic pieces of attack, Felipe thought of Lucas Lima, War and Scarpa. Regardless of who has been selected among the three teams, the team will change their characteristics because they are all socks. Palmeiras will be more incised, he will have to touch the ball more and will lose the speed of the side of the court, one of the main features of the leader in the competition.

In this new way of playing Palmeiras must show in Minas Gerais, defamation charges are gaining ground. Felipeo wants more goals in direct collections, just as happened in front of Santos last Saturday. The coach is encouraging players like Lucas Lima, Gustavo Scarpa, Dudu and Victor Luis for training. Team statistics are poor in this regard. Of the 51 goals scored in Brasileirao, only three were scored in direct collections. Movements in this area will also be evaluated.

For example: the team has already scored ten goals after the corner kick. If he decides to keep the move from side, Felipeo can adjust to David or try to speed up the return of Villain, who trained on Friday, but is not yet fully prepared after a break in the game against Boka Juniors for Libertadores.

This scenario proves one of the few needs of the diversified Palmeira team: it is missing from fast-paced players.

Numbers show how important they are to each other. The skippers did not give up at least one of them during the marathon in recent months. Even when they did not start as carriers, Dudu and Villian went in to boost alternative teams in Brazil.

In recovering from muscle injury, Villian is the highest-performance player for the club in the season: 63 in 71 games, representing 88% of the matches. He is Palmeir who best suits (53 shots). Dudu played 61 times a year, his record of joining the club.


The game is considered to be the core of the technical commission in the game of chess for winning the title. Although at a bad stage, the mining team is named as the strongest by the end of the tournament. That's the last rival of Palmeiras to the G-6. After a day, the team will face Fluminense, Parana, America-MG, Vasco and Vitoria – the last four are in danger of falling. "We will get teams with their significance and quality and we know it will be difficult because the championship is stuck. It's good because it does not allow us to go to the brakes, we just stopped the accelerator to give it the maximum," said Victor Luis, Goal victory over Santos.

In order to reduce the risk of possible access to rival, Felipe wants to secure the title quickly. The crowd, which is more excited than athletes, lives as a countdown. This enthusiasm can be measured by selling tickets. The game against Fluminense, for the 34th round, scheduled for 14th place, had 29,000 tickets by Friday.

With Felipeo, the leader defends an unbreakable 17-game series

Palmeiras has not lost 17 matches in the Brazilian Championship. These are two games less than track record time, the Corinthians of 2017, who left 19 games – a turn – without losing. There were 14 victories and five unresolved. After today's match, the team will face Flu (home), Parana (out), America-MG (home), Vasco (van) and Vitoria (home).

Palmeiras' last rise was on July 25, when coach Roger Machado was fired after losing 1-0 to Fluminense in Maracana.

The Felipe team has already met with Atletico-PR and Sao Paolo, which in 2004 and 2008 had 18 unsuccessful rounds in Brasileirao.

The longest period of inconsistency in Palmeiras occurred before the era of the National Championship. Between 1972 and 1973, the team spent 26 games without losing. In 1994, the order reached 24 matches. Three years later, in his first run for Palmeiras, Felipeo scored 18 consecutive matches without losing.

To maintain an unbeaten record in Minas Gerais, the Palmeiras team will have to overcome the taboo: he never won Atletico-MG in the Independencia Stadium. "This is another goal (to overcome the taboo), but we do not think about it at the moment of the match," Jean said.

This year, Palmeiras finished the 16-year winning streak against São Paulo in Morumbi.

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