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Pressure to engage Pato increases in Sao Paolo after classics

In addition to worsening the crisis, yesterday's defeat for Palmeiras, in the 11th round of the Paulistan Championship, had another effect for Sao Paolo. The pressure on Aleksandar Pato's return to the club has intensified. From supporters and advisors to the board, and from the board to the coaching staff, who initially did not consider themselves an attacker to reorganize plans to act in the acting.

Tricolor has limited funding and Cuca understands that it needs more parts to change the profile of the group. Monthly investment in Pato would be high, even if it was free on the market, and would make it difficult to contract other parts. At least one other flywheel is needed. Also, spare parts for the rear, right side and frame are assessed.

The pressure on the board is to allow more money for employment and allow Cuci to have a duck and players who wants to go for other positions. It would be necessary to find new sources of income. Selling promises is another possible solution, but what counselors and fans do not accept is due to the recent history of early departures.

The football department talked with a technical committee on Pato's situation since yesterday. He explained the importance of the attackers as a game that can be decided on the ground, as well as another point of confidence for fans who, in the classic against Palmeiras, saw Hernanes, who often stands out and still goes with muscle injuries.

A plan to reduce the payroll to allow for new employment was already in progress before the release of the PATH and will have to intensify if Sao Paulo decides to return it. So far, Diego Souza, who had a high salary, and Araruna, had more modest wages. There is another one that can go by mid-year, as is Bruno Peres. Jucheli is another athlete who is considered expensive and reserved, but who can still have space as a quota with Cucom.

The return of Pato was defended by the top people of Morumbi and even President Carlos Augusto de Barros e Silva, who has already missed the opportunity to realize this return almost three years ago. At that time, the attacker left the Corinthians and agreed to cut salaries to close Sao Paulo.

The negotiations were led by the then director of football, Gustavo Oliveira. He tried to cut Pato's wages to keep unbalanced accounts, but he hoped the Finance Department would release more money for the job. Pato got a new offer from Villarreal and decided to go to the Spanish team before hesitating the tricolor.

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