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Rookel Dodge's prosecutors are seeking resignation after the Lava-Jet conflict


BRASILIA – Author of the opinion of the Federal Supreme Court
which jeopardized the creation of a private foundation
– with money from Petrobras – from
Lava jet
in Curitiba, the State Prosecutor of the Republic,
Rakuel Dodge,
he faces a crisis in his administration in the state prosecutor's office

The target of a series of criticism of prosecutors in the PGR's internal channels – including resignation requests – has been the head of the Federal Ministry of Public Affairs in recent days, lost two direct assistants who resigned in protest of his behavior.

Last week, two prosecutors led by the PGR investigative sector, Pablo Coutinho Barreto and Vitor Souza Cunha, resigned their jobs. Associated with Dodge's office, the agency they were in, known as the Department for Expertise, Research and Analysis (SPPEA), was responsible for analyzing documents, media violations and secrecy that prompted Lava-Jet investigations that led to the PGR and also in the first instance prosecutor's offices. Barreto was the head of the secretariat and Vitor, his deputy.

The assessment of the class is that, when it attacked the initiative of the working group in Curitiba, it worked to satisfy the political class by issuing objectives managed by the institution. Dodge, in assessing prosecutors, would lose internal support from the Federal Prosecutor's Office, gave up the votes needed to join the triple return list.

Private foundations have already criticized the House of Representatives and Ministers of the Court of Auditors (TCU).

The prosecutor ends his first term in September and can, but can not be reappointed by President Jair Bolsonaro for another two-year term in the PGR. Although the list is not a mandatory requirement to appear on the list of candidates for that category, Dodge must be among the top three in the federal prosecutor's election.

This week, the National Association of Lawyers of the Republic (ANPR) also criticized, for example, Dodge's action in the case of the Lava-Jato Prosecutorial Foundation. For ANPR, the action at the Supreme Court can not be used to consider the decisions of the MPF in other cases.

When assessing the association, this is a precedent for other entities to directly challenge any act of the public prosecution to the Supreme Court. The agency intends to become a party to the lawsuit in which Dodge examines Lava-Jato, defend prosecutors, opening a direct fight with a state attorney.

"The chronology shows a surplus of activity." ADPF was introduced by the PGR after the natural prosecutors announced two hours earlier that they would publicly consider the issue together with the executive and legislative. "ADPF presented by RGR was born corrupt and unnecessary with legal and institutional point of view, "says the excerpt from the note.

Lost under criticism for slowing prosecuting prosecutions and excessive centralization in the workplace, Dodge, according to the assessment of this department of prosecutors, was increasingly worn out in that category. On condition of anonymity, the prosecutor said that, opposing Dodge's working group, he "won points with all political spheres," but he lost ground in the institution.

In internal groups for the discussion of the MPF, the rebellion has reached so high levels that the prosecutor has suggested that the class jointly sign a petition to remove Rakel Dodge from the PGR position to submit to President Jair Bolsonarou. The author of the initiative is Ramiro Rockenbach, from Sergipe, who is in line with the former PGR Rodrigo Janot.

GLOBO received a copy of the draft document. In her, prosecutors argue that Dodge tried "against the free work of the public prosecutor" and against the functional independence of prosecutors Lava-Jato de Curitiba.

The request does not deserve the creation of a foundation, but criticizes Rachel Dodge's attitude. "The Chief State Prosecutor of the Republic, in his attempt to violate the functional independence and freedom of work of the public prosecutor's office, submitted before the Supreme Court the Arbitration for Non-compliance with the Basic Rules (ADPF), in a clear violation of the prescribed procedure, the passage of the independence of each instance and seriously unjust attack serious and disloyal manner of work of members of the MFF in the framework of the Lava-Jet operation, whose relevance led to the fact that the then judge was the first instance instance, to the honorable position of the current Minister of Justice of this Presidency of the Republic "Says an excerpt from the document.

Asked by the PGR, the press office said that this would not be reflected on the facts mentioned in the case.

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