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Sheikh made his last official game for the Corinthians; remember the path

Corinthians still have a game by the end of the season, but Fiel will no longer see Emerson Sheik in the field with a white shirt. For a yellow card received on Sunday, in a 0-0 draw against Chapecoense, the striker was suspended in the last round. The duo against Santa Catherine then achieved more than his forgiveness to the Arena. That was the end point of his winning career.

Hero title 2012 Libertadores, Emerson has accumulated three passes for Timo: between 2011 and 2014; 2015 and 2018. Overall, there were 196 games and 28 goals scored. Most importantly, of course, in the historic finals against Boca Juniors at the Pacaembu stadium.

He was hired this season to work during Paulistao, he loved Fabio Carille's technical team and rebuilt by the end of the year. To celebrate the winner's career, it's worth remembering, there will be a good play in the Corinthians Arena on December 7 at 21h.

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Let's recall Emerson Sheikh in the Corinthians

New Year's hot leg & # 39;

Sheikh was introduced as a Corinthian player in May 2011

Sheikh was introduced as a Corinthian player in May 2011

Daniel Augusto Jr. / Photo gallery

The story between Emerson Sheik and Corinthians began on May 24, 2011. When he was 32 years old, the attacker first wore a shirt, along with then-President Robert de Andrade. In addition to the two Brazilian titles, who won Flamengo and Fluminense, the future Alvinegro idol brought a bag full of high expectations for CT Joakuim Grava.

"I'm hot. I am an optimist for everything I do. I'm a dreamer, I always believe. I work with honesty, dedication, respect for people, I believe in success, "said Emerson Sheikh in his first interview as a Corinthians player. His first contract is valid until December 2013.

In fact, optimism quickly confirmed.

Already in his first year for the Corinthians, Shaikh raised his first club for the Brazilian championship 2011. The striker was one of the protagonists of the five-time champion Alvinegro, with six goals scored in 28 games played. From demolition, he continued to become the first player to win three consecutive national titles with three different clubs.

Heroism in the Liberators 2012

Shake saw his name on the story

Sheikh saw that his name in 2012 was in the history of Corinthians

Daniel Augusto Jr. / Ag. Corinthians

If 2011 was good, Emerson Sheikh's season in the Corinthians 2012 was unforgettable. By maintaining high performance of Timao, the striker was the absolute bearer in winning an unpublished title in Libertadores of America 2012. There were 13 matches in the competition, with eight victories and five outstanding, in addition to five goals scored. Among the objectives, the three had more than special taste.

Sheik showed the star with a victory over the Corinthians over Santos in the semi-finals Libertadores at Villa Belmiro. That move started with Alec, who started in the middle of the pitch and sent Paulin. The ball came into the free kick from the left and came under the corner of goalkeeper Rafael, who had no chance of defense. The goal has made room for the Corinthian classification, still unprecedented, in the decision of the continental tournament.

And finally, there was a maximum refreshment of the then shirt. In the first match, Emerson Sheikh gave Romarinhu a historic help in the 1-1 draw at the Bombonera Stadium in Argentina. Already on his return, in Pacaembu, the striker scored two goals in the Corinthians' victory at Boteco Juniors. The performance also had an unforgettable "bite" in the hand of one of the Argentines, in response to the provocation.

Last July, at the sixth anniversary of the title of Libertadores, Sheikh reminded of the most significant winning events along with 10 Jadson T-shirts. The striker participated in a quiz in the middle of the field, and you can check out below:

Title and job collector

The first goal of the Corinthians Arena in Libertadores was ... Sheikh!

The history of Sheikh in the Corinthians marked victories and farewell years

Daniel Augusto Jr. / Agencia Corinthians

With two years and two cups added by the Corinthians, Sheikh retained his winning run at the club. Nevertheless, in 2012, a few months after the Libertadores conquest, the striker took part in a bicamperial team at the World Club. He was on the court in a 1-0 win over England's Chelsea in Japan, when Paolo Guerrero hit the net and secured the title Alvinegro.

The following season started well, with titles in Recopa Sul Americana via São Paulo and Campeonato Paulista. But the tide did not stand. Emerson Sheikh fell in the yield and accumulated polemics of extraterrestrial terrain, and then sealed the reserve bench. With the arrival of Mano Menezes, it was even less used and it was completed in Botafogo in 2014.

The passage of the teams did not bring the fruits and Sheikh terminated the contract. The return to the Corinthians was sealed in the 2015 season, and coach Tita was again under the command of the team. Staying in Park São Jorge did not last long and followed Flamengo the same year.

Breaking off with Timaoom is discreetly forgiven at Arena Corinthians. The attacker received a confession before the duel against the International on June 13. What we did not know until then was that the forgiveness was not final.

New chapter and retirement in 2018

Nosi n

Bearing number 47, Sheik returned to Corinthians in 2018

Rodrigo Gazzanel / Ag. Corinthians

What many think impossible, came in 2018. Emerson Sheik returned to wear the Corinthian shirt in the beginning with a six month contract with the club. Even though he did not have a leading role a few years ago, the striker had the opportunity to raise his Sao Paulo bicampeonato this year with the team of Alvinegra.

Including the reserve bench most of the season, Shayk became the oldest player to defend the Corinthians at the age of 40. In July, T-shirt 47 renewed its relationship with Timon until the end of the season with another announcement: retirement. Shortly after signing, the striker claimed that this was his last contract as a professional player.

The period ended on Sunday, in connection with Chapecoense, by the Brazilian championship. Sheikh is leaving Corinthians with 39 matches in the 2018 season, with 13 wins, 11 unresolved and 15 losses in his account. Veteran and idol Fiel still scored two goals during the year. The forgiveness was closed thanks to Fiel, in a publication in his profile Instagramsee below.

Numbers Emerson Sheikh with Corinthian shirt

  • Matches played: 196
  • Wins: 90
  • Draw: 62
  • Defeat: 44
  • Usage: 56.46%
  • Objectives: 28
  • Titles Would Corinthians: Brazilian championship 2011, Libertadores America and the 2012 World Cup, Recopa Sul Americana in 2013 and Paulista Championship 2013 and 2018.

Year after year: a story about Emerson Sheikh in the Corinthians

  • 2011: Engaged by Corinthians from Fluminense
  • 2014: Corinthian Correspondent in Botafogo
  • 2015: Return to Corinthians from Botafogo
  • 2015: Corinthians leave Flamengo
  • 2018: Return to the Corinthians (without a club) and retire

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