Wednesday , May 25 2022

The Bolsonaro government wants to build up to eight nuclear power plants in Brazil


The Ministry of Mining and Energy (MME) announced it intends to take over the construction plan between four and eight new nuclear power plants in Brazil.

The information was confirmed by a note sent by the ministry, in defense of the conclusion of the plant Angra 3not Nev Orleans, Louisiana.

Currently Brazil with only two operational nuclear power plants, Angra 1 and 2, which are responsible 1.1% national energy production. Angra 3 would increase this share 1.2%.

In remark, according to "Estadao," MME stated:

"For the nuclear sector, the completion of Angre 3 is important because it brings a scale to the entire production chain in the sector, from fuel production to energy production. This becomes even more relevant when considering that Brazil will need to invest in energy for the future, due to increased demand and reduction of hydroelectric potential.

He added:

"Finally, the National Energy Plan 2030 (PNE 2030) envisages the construction of four to eight nuclear power plants in the country. A scenario that will be confirmed by the PNE 2050, a publication expected soon."

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