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The city of Genoa offers the Finn Libertadora between the river and the Boka

The decision of the Copa Libertadores between River Plate and Boka Juniors is protected in all contradictions with the incidents last Saturday, which caused much confusion and delay until the date defined by Conmebol, can happen well from Buenos Aires. On Monday, the city of Genoa, Italy, offered to host a return match between Argentinian rivals, scheduled for Estadio Monumental de Nunez, the home of River Plate.

Through a letter written by the Sports Secretary in Genoa, Stephen Anzallone, River Plate's President Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio from Boca Juniors Daniel Angelici were called to return to their origins and challenge the decision at the stadium of Luigi di Ferraris, city ​​between Genoa and Sampdoria – 1: 1 for the Italian championship.

In the letter, Anzalone talks about the links between the city of Genoa and two Argentinian clubs – both were founded by genocidal emigrants in the early 20th century in the vicinity of La Boke, Buenos Aires. In the case of Boca Juniors, the word keneize, which is the nickname for the fans of the team, comes from the Italian zeneiza or zeneiki, which is genoese. On the River Board, white and red colors were adopted in honor of the flag of Genoa.

"We would be very proud to be the host of big clubs like Boka and the river and have welcomed them in our city in what is in some ways their first home," Anzalone said. "It would also be another opportunity for Genoa to ensure international visibility at this moment of trouble and to renew the deep sense of friendship that unites us historically in these societies (clubs)," he added.

On Tuesday, Conmebol will hold an extraordinary meeting in its port headquarters, Paraguay, with the presidents of the two clubs to determine the date and time of the second round of the finals – the first ending in a draw of 2-2 at the La Bombonera Stadium, the home of Boca Juniors.

Last Saturday, the Boca Juniors were hitting bottles and stones on arrival at the Monumental de Nunez Stadium. Several players were injured and the match, originally scheduled for 18 hours (from Brasilia), had its schedule twice before the final postponement until Sunday. The next day, La Bombonera claimed that there were no "equality conditions" and managed to delay the match for one day to be defined by Conmebol.

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