Sunday , April 2 2023

The government will strengthen the security of the car used for the presidential escort


The Institutional Security Office (GSI) will strengthen the security of newly elected President Jair Bolsonaro and his deputy, General Hamilton Mourao, with new cars resistant to cars starting next year. The portfolio aims to spend up to $ 5.6 million to buy a car.

Last week, the GSI opened a fleet renewal competition to accompany the President and Vice-President of the Republic from 2019. The trading session will be held on December 21st. There will be 30 cars, of which 12 level III-A armor – capable of supporting weapons snapshots such as Magnum 357, 9mm (pistols and automatic rifles), rifles with 12 caliber and .44 Magnum.

Speaking to reporters after attending the event, GSI Minister Sergio Etchegoien justified that the decision to "resize" the security of the president and vice-president was made because of Bolsonaro's attack during the election campaign and "threats" to the integrity of the elected president.

Currently, the companion is composed of Chevrolet Omega and Ford Edge models. Ford cars were acquired in 2011, under the former government of President Dilma Rousseff. At that time, the government paid $ 1.76 million for 12 cars, ten of which were armored.

The new announcement relates to the purchase of Ford Fusion, Honda Accord, Toiota Camry or Hi-Azera. It also recommends that cars that are a "presidential capsule" or a subcommittee consisting of five cars must have the same brand, model and color to avoid identifying the authority.

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