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The leak presumption reveals the details and cost of PlaiStation 5

Although we have not heard anything from Microsoft or Sony Interactive Entertainment when next Xbox i PlaiStationa series of reports and leaks suggest that the next two systems will be released next year. And the more 2020 comes, more information about consoles leaks to the Internet.

The latest leak comes from anonymous Pastebin, who claims to be the European developer who works on the title of the PS5 release and who is obviously interested in the ton of internal information about the upcoming Sonic console, including the launch line.

This is what the leaker says PlaiStation 5 will be released in 2020, and will be $ 100 more expensive than the PS4 was on the launch. That's right, PS5 can cost $ 500PS4 costs $ 400.

As for the system itself, the publication reveals that the console will have backward compatibility, will offer a new premium version of PlayStation Plus, a built-in 2TB battery, 8K upscaling support, and will be compatible with the new upgrade of the PlaiStation VR headphones. And of course, there's also a new controller, DualShock 5, which will have a built-in camera.

Apparently, for now, all this is a rumor, since Sony has no official confirmation.

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