Thursday , September 29 2022

The TSE is investigating whether the hackers attacked the electoral justice system


The TSE (Supreme Election Court) will investigate whether hackers had access to the internal justice system. Conquerors claim to have the source code of the Gedai-UE system, which records the operating system and voter list in the electronic voting box; however, they would not violate the secrecy of the vote.

In a statement for, the court says it received an email with a question about the alleged leak and that "the TSE Presidency is taking all possible measures".

E-mail came from Felipe Paiao from Tecmund, who in October received information on the highlight. Files are sent to TSE to confirm that they are authentic.

The Presidency and the technical area of ​​the TSE held a meeting on Tuesday (6) to discuss this issue. The court must initiate an administrative procedure to determine whether there was a leak and whether anyone was responsible.

Gedai-UE access requires confidentiality

Gedai-UE (Data Manager, Applications and Electronic Ballot Interface) is a Windows program that generates memory cards with three items: the Uenox operating system, a list of candidates and a list of voters. These cards are inserted into the electronic ballot field to update them before each election.

The Gedai-EU is not completely secretive. Certain authorities – such as the Public Prosecutor's Office, the OAB (Brazilian Bar Association) and political parties – can get it if they sign a confidentiality agreement. Hackers claim, however, that they had unauthorized access to this system.

The attacker tells Tecmundo that for several months he could use the TSE intranet and received "thousands of source codes, sensitive documents, and even credentials." This would include the application by Sergio Banhos, Deputy Minister of TSE; and technology secretary Giuseppe Janino, the creator of electronic voice collectors.

TSE technicians and former ministers say that this invasion "does not pose a risk to the inviolability of an electronic ballot box". The court does not answer, however, which code is missed and if it happened during the election.

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