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Tinder Wolf suspect arrested for using hit applications – Brazil


SAO PAULO – A Civilian police I love Federal District arrested on Monday, a woman suspected of using a scam for men she knew through applications for relationships. Patricia Coutinho Pereira, 29, "wolf of" Tinder"has been investigated since May last year and is charged defamation, stelionate i extortion.

According to delegates Joao de Atalibo Nogueira, from the first police station Brasilia (Asa Sul), the investigation began after the resignation of one of the victims. A man – a federal state official – said he was at the end of his marriage and began to hang out with Patricia after meeting Tinder.

Patricia introduced himself as a businesswoman in cosmetic business and said that her money was all applied and she needed help in paying bills and costs daily. The server then proceeded with transfers and bank deposits to the account of a third party, which, according to the research, was another victim of doubt.

"It used all the network of crimes to keep track of it, it did not use its bank account," he told a news conference.

According to the police, the server suffered a loss of $ 50,000 for six months, from a scam that was applied by "Tinder Loop". When the victim attempted to break the relationship, Patricia forced him out and threatened to expose the case between them on social networks, contact his family and go to work to define him.

When the police seized Patricin's mobile phone, they found conversations that indicate that the other victims of her hit.

"Several people are trying to quantify how many victims were and estimated the loss, the amount of criminal acts of extortion, how much the threat, how many of the estelions," Nogueira said.


The Prophet explained that the suspect acted in three ways to apply the blows. "The first was when she did not have a sexual relationship with the victim she knew through the applications," she said. "Some cousin died, he said that the money was applied and asked for the loan to go to the funeral," Nogueira said. "She killed her grandmother four times, mother about five years."

After coming closer to the victims – mostly married men – Patricia said she was an entrepreneur and that her money was spent.

Finally, after discovering that a man was married, she asked for money to not cancel a marriage bond.

The researchers found that some women were victims, including DJs from the federal district. "She tried to get two businessmen from inside Sao Paulo, a man and a woman," Nogueira said.

False advertising of crime

Civilian police reported that Patricia had registered a news bulletin for domestic violence at the Special Police Station for Women Support (Deam) against the server that accused her. In addition, he was represented in the public ministry against delegate Nogueire for misusing authority in connection with writing about forced driving against her.

According to the officers, the procedures were retaliation for seizing his mobile phone. The public prosecutor concluded that Patricia lied about how she was taken to the police station. Deam filed a case for not reporting domestic violence.

Patricia sued for crimes against libel and sentenced to three years and six months in prison.

ABOUT State did not arrive until the early evening of that Tuesday, 6, contacting Patrico's defense.

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