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Amazon shares its second headquarters in two cities ::


Amazon shares its second seat in two cities

Photo: Reuters Inc. plans to equally split its second headquarters into two cities instead of choosing one place. Sources familiar with this issue said the Vall Street Journal. A surprising solution will focus on the effects of opening a new office in two places instead of one, a release note.

The heating force behind the decision to build two equal offices next to Seattle's headquarters is also the need to engage sufficient staff, the source said. This move will also ease potential barriers to the transfer and placement of staff, as well as other possible staff issues.

According to the plan, each of the new plants will employ 25,000 people.

Amazon has left negotiations on moving to several cities, but the final decision has not yet been made on who they say are more familiar. Earlier today it became clear The company's dialogue with Cristal Citt, Dallas and Nev Iork is in the advanced stage. Other options include Denver, Toronto, Atlanta, Nashville, Tennessee and Relais, telling people what is happening.

Negotiations with the best candidates are likely to be in slightly different stages, according to well-known people. In North Virginia, Amazon negotiates with incentives with US officials, and also negotiates with JBG Smith Properties, a publicly traded investment company, for the landscapes in Cristal City that it owns, say people familiar with this issue. Part of the conversation involves restricting the investment goals that Amazon will have to take to boost, one source says.

Amazon is "anything that is not predictable," said one of the people who are familiar with the current conversations in Virginia.

The position of other cities on the Amazon list, such as Nevark, Nev Jersey, is less clear. Chicago and Miami have recently been in contact with the company, but are currently not in talks, some say. This does not necessarily mean that they do not work on the subject.

Amazon announced more than a year ago its plans to build another headquarters, leading to a unprecedented process. The company has announced that its new headquarters, designed to be the second-largest e-commerce giant headquarters, will bring up to 50,000 jobs and more than $ 5 billion in investment in nearly two decades.

Amazon was able to claim deep secret after publishing in January the list of 20 finalists from 238 cities and regions that submitted suggestions.

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