Thursday , February 9 2023

Beautiful Rosie met Josh …


The story of 21-year-old actress Rosie McCarthy is incredible. She was a virgin and a lonely woman six months ago. But everything changed when he accidentally met the 24-year-old Josh Price.

The two are in Los Angeles. There, Rose, who is a stuntman in the role of Dennis from "The Game of Thrones", decides to start her singing career with producers.

"It was strange to everyone that I was in Hollywood circles, and I was lonely and virgin, and I made this decision when I was only 14. I was watching an interview with Adrian Lima, one of the most famous Victoria's Secret models. that my grandmother and grandmother married and were born very young, but I did not want to, that's why I dared to guard and have no sex. difficult because we all know that if you go to Hollywood, you have to go to bed with "real" men to have However, I somehow managed to deal only with the qualities I have, and with parts of my body. I did not want to have sex, I drink alcohol, I drink or have a non-selective relationship, "says Rose.

Yes, but all this is huge when the blessed beauty meets Josh. Then, for nine days, her life reversed.

He and Josh met on Facebook, where they wrote for a long time. It turns out they will be at the same time in Los Angeles, so they agreed to see each other. That's how it happened.

"I never believed in love at first sight, but everything changed when I saw it live. I knew a lot about him, but when I first met, I thought," He will be my husband. "I was sure that I want to, "Rose remembers.

The attraction between them was mutual and so strong that on the third day of their entry they began to talk about marriage.

"We were on Santa Monica Beach, then he offered me to marry him. I agree," said the 21-year-old beauty.

So on the sixth day of their birth – April 14, Rosie and Josh are married.

"I was in a short wireless dress and flip flops, I did not take any better clothes, so I decided not to buy anything. It was important to love and not how we were dressed," Rose recognizes with a smile. Two lovers also do not have wedding rings or vows, but they still get married.

After the ceremony, Rose invites parents to tell them good news: "Mom picked up my phone, told her what I was doing, and she was shocked and said" I'll call you later. "Josh's parents. Those who live in Scotland were also shocked.

"Our first wedding night is not in the hotel room, we had a pizza and watched the movie. Of course, we had sex, and that was the greatest experience in the world," Rose says with a smile.

The next day they will go to Scotland to meet Rose with Josh's parents. According to her, they were well received the news that her mother gave her a wedding, which was her grandmother. Today, they go to Spain to see the parents of the bride.

"This was the ninth day of our acquaintance, I remember feeling bad, I thought I was sick, or I was very tired of a stressful trip – Los Angeles, Scotland, and now Spain." My sister jokes with me "Are not you pregnant?" And I also made my scarf a pregnancy test, turned out to be positive, I can not believe it – I took another five and everything was positive. I told Josh, and he was stupidly satisfied with the news. parents and with these news we returned to Scotland to tell them. It was awesome – I met them before the other day, and told them we were married, and now I see them the other time to tell them that they will become grandparents. They were happy, "Rose recalls.

He and Josh expect their baby to perform in January next year. They will have a boyfriend and have already decided that they will baptize Sion.

"I never believed that something like this could happen to me, to fall in love, to be a man and get pregnant for only nine days, this is incredible Never, never, never believe in miracles. Life is unexpected and something terrible can happen in at any time, that will completely transform your life, "said a 21-year-old beauty who is happy to be married and rejoices to her first child.

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