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: Big Brother: Zlatka and Nikita share Bobbi Rugby ::

Drama writers Zlatko Raikova and Nikita Johnson, who played Big Brother: The Most Wanted, turned out to be bangkas.

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The man with whom they both shared a bed is Nikita's current partner. It is unclear whether Borislav Borissov, better known as Bobbi Rugbista, was in a blue temptation in the distant past or during his relationship with Nikita, whose real name is Milena.

Bobbi surprisingly will cross the threshold of the house in New Han in the episode tonight.

In the meantime, the IAI celebrates its birthday in a typical eccentric style for him, and the gifts for him will not be delayed. He is also one of the participants who will fight to stay on the show. Stojan's strange behavior brought him five nominations, originating from Cezo Andreeva, Vosch MC, Stoiko Sakalieva, Albene Vouleva and Juliana Ghana. The main reasons for his nomination are the permanent failure of the missions, and for Albena his foul behavior is absolutely untrue.

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