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Head of Alexander Dimitrov became manager of the year


Aleksandar Dimitrov, Director of "A1 Bulgaria", received the "Manager of the Year" award for 2018 at an official ceremony at the Sofia Opera. The competition was organized for the 11th year by the magazine Manager.

The award was given by the Bulgarian President Rumen Radev, who is the sponsor of the competition.

"When we talk about the Bulgarian business, I want to make a clear difference because I have two types of work for me: one focuses almost entirely on looking for the right people among those who allocate public funds, and the other on effective management, innovation and competitiveness. , corruption, impoverishes quality, moves us from the modern world and drives society as a whole. The second moves forward the Bulgarian economy, invests in training and qualifications of its employees, gradually but unhindered but modernizing Bulgaria and leading us to the leadership in Europe, which we must support as a state, as well as society, "Radev said, referring to the finalists in the competition.

"His development over the last decades could not have happened if you are not – Bulgarian entrepreneurs – people with rich experience who make important operational and strategic decisions." Your success is not measured only by money, because it means the modernization of our society, it requires courage and character. The state is a debtor of a Bulgarian business in terms of the rule of predictability, legality, but it is also the debtor of our citizens in terms of salaries, "said the head of state.

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The winner thanked the team and the jury for the honor.

"The future and technology will not happen without companies like us to provide the Internet," said Dimitar Dimitrov and addressed the youth with an invitation not to stop learning new things.

"At this moment, knowledge is the easiest available, but learned knowledge at the time it's learned becomes old," he said, and thanked his family, promising to start working for the husband of the year.

Executive President of the BIA Radosvet Radev gave a difference Fifth Dimitrov – Executive Director and Chairman of Postbank Managing Board, as part of this year's "Manager of the Year" competition.

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The competition "Manager of the Year 2018" is held for the 11th consecutive year, distinguishing the best practices in the management in Bulgaria.

This number was attended by 64 senior managers from 24 sectors of the economy. 41 went to the second phase of the race, and ten finalists were selected in the third stage, where they assessed their personal qualities. 360 degrees of assessment (specialized interviews with each finalist, their employees and partners).

Ten finalists of the 11th edition of competing companies whose revenues last year exceeded two and a half billion leva. The ten finalists are telecommunications, insurance and finance, information technology, mining and food processing, transport and logistics.

This year the organizers have established and new prize – for "modern leaders", which help the prosperity and development of the local community and the country. She is called late Professor Lachezar Tsotsorkov, who has done a lot for his native Panagiurishte, and is a message to local business leaders who do a lot for the cities they live in.

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