Wednesday , March 22 2023

Ivet Lalova has prepared her favorite breakfast in the campaign "Diabetic Open" athletics


Whenever they can, they promote the benefits of sport and healthy nutrition. This led me to join the "Open for Diabetes" campaign, our famous spy Ivet Lalova told BGNES.

She prepared her favorite breakfast, suitable for a balanced lifestyle for people with diabetes. For the fourth consecutive year, he is camping. In the menu eggs with olives and carrots were mixed.

"As a sport face in recent years, I also have a lot of children's sports and its development. I hope that these initiatives will be an example for teenagers," said the athlete. Ivet's recommendation to restorer is to pay attention to including carbohydrate and protein values ​​in food menus.

This will be useful for people with diabetes to know what they are consuming. In recent years we have identical recommendations for people who have diabetes mellitus and those who follow a balanced lifestyle, "said nutritionist Dr. Maria Nikolova.

"The daily intake should be at the expense of carbohydrates, chocolate and carbonated drinks, and we need to include more beans at the expense of fats, greens are more of plant origin, limited saturated fats, trans fats, daily regimen should contain more fruits and vegetables. a meal of a day, and dinner should be in minimum quantities, "the nutritionist recommended.

November 14 is the World Diabetes Day. The campaign "Open for Diabetes", organized by Sanofi Bulgaria, aims to prevent, early diagnosis of diabetes and adequate disease control. Each year, the campaign has a different focus, but the ultimate goal is one – prevention and early diagnosis.

Studies show that sufficient physical activity and balanced nutrition reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Each of us can make a successful step towards diabetes by providing daily dietary items of different food groups – proteins, milk products, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables and reduced intake Foods containing fats and sugar are the initiators of the campaign.

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