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Karsan Jest Electric is a Turkish electric bus for the city – Technology


Turkish manufacturer Karsan is launching its new electric mini car Karsan Jest Electric. The autonomous range varies from 80 to 210 km (NEDC cycle) due to the BMV i3 battery pack. The customer can choose between one lithium-ion battery pack capacity of 33 and 44 kVh or double packing capacity of 66 and 88 kVh.

The electric motor is 125 kV and generates a maximum torque of 290 Nm. The maximum speed is limited to 70 km / h.

With a normal AC charger, it takes 6 hours to charge the batteries to 80%. With a quick charger of 50 kV power, the same charger is achieved for 40 minutes. Thanks to regenerative braking, the batteries are up to 25%.

The electric bus relies on automatic transmission with one gear. The model has a self-supporting construction and an independent suspension on all four wheels.

That's how they work in China: 16,000 electric buses in Shenzhen

The first autonomous buses started in Paris

Electric Jest has a length of 5.8 meters, which offers space for up to 26 passengers.

The manufacturer claims that there are already orders from Romania, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia and France.

The next step in the Turkish company is Atak Electric with 8.1 meters. It is still in phase testing using a 220kV lithium-ion battery that should provide an autonomous range of about 300km. It is expected that the model will be shown in the final version next year.

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