Friday , June 2 2023

Maya Manolova will travel by train and bus who wants to buy his car – the Company


"The only reform of the National Security Service (NSA) budget is to remove the ombudsman's car, everyone can examine paragraph 14. I would not raise this question, I did not raise it to the moment, it seems to me that the problems of citizens are too small." This is what Maya Manolova, the Ombudsman of the Bulgarian National Television said, was asked to comment on the government's decision to leave the caravan and the NCO leader next year.

Maya Manolova stressed that on this occasion dozens of people, friends and alien who had traveled freely, including the Macedonian deputy ombudsman, visited the country.

"I'm wondering if this is such a serious problem, I do not give up on it, for example I can use public transport, I have to be in Varna next week.I will be on the train It's true that it will take a lot of hours but I will accept it as we travel in advance I announce how many train stations will be the train and people will be ready to share their problems, "said Manolova.

The timetable of the train, the day and the receiving area of ​​the ombudsman are as follows:
Betting telephone number: 02 81 06 955.

"I do not know what needs to be done for the money they pay for the tickets, maybe I'll send them to the finance minister, but cash, because it makes the service more expensive," added Manolova.

At 15:30 at the end of the train on Sunday, the state protector meets with former AirVia airline's former associates in connection with District Administrative District Expenditure on Preslav Street in Varna 26. The Ombudsman later referred to the regional governments and the District Court with suggestions for establishing special court chambers and justice for children in parental conflict.

Before the Bulgarian national television Maya Manolova questioned the finance minister Vladislav Goranov told another television that the ombudsman used the NPO's working car as a cost-effective taxi driver.

"It seems intelligent, it seems reasonable to me, this is an absurd saying because the car is a tool for me, so I can quickly respond to the people who count on me," added Manolova.

The ombudsman was disappointed with those politicians who are trying to stop her work.

"There is a lot of extra energy lost in thinking about what to think and not in the field, but you are aware that the service car, the public transport, the public transport, the train, my work and no one can stop it," he said state protector.

Asked whether he was planning a political career or running for a post, Manolova was categorical that his actions were never dark, secret, behind the scenes, or translucent, and if he decided publicly to announce it.

"I have two more years now. People have been waiting for me to solve their problems for two years, which I do every day and every minute," Manolova concluded.

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