Saturday , June 3 2023

Nina Dobrev showed her home (VIDEO) – ᐉ News from – Curious


Nina Dobrev opened the door of her home for the first time and showed how she lives. The beautiful actress did it for Architectural Digest, showing off her beautiful four-room Spanish-style house in Los Angeles, writes the “Stars News” channel in vbok7.

Nina wanted to keep the original and authentic architecture. The repairs were not long and lasting, but were refreshing and necessary, but everything was in line with the spirit of the house. Moreover, during the lockdown last year, she and her boyfriend Sean White decided to repaint the entire facade of the house on their own.

Nina says that at the beginning, she and White were very excited, but on the third and fourth day, they started to wonder what exactly they were getting into. “Still, she became very beautiful and I’m glad we did,” the actress said jokingly, adding that perhaps a frugal country, more precisely an Eastern European Bulgarian, who said of herself: “I don’t want to pay a lot of money for a group of people to come and painting, I’m bored “, Nina shares with humor.

Although he can easily repaint, including the walls in the house, he decided to hire a designer to renovate the interior. She decided to work with Charlie Barstein Interiors.

We remind you that Nina and her friend snowboarder Sean White have been together since last year, and it seems that things between them are becoming more and more serious.

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