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Paris Hilton laughed Jenni Sushi in her new song

The famous rich successor, Paris Hilton, once again shone with a scandalous video that is a satirical view of today's VIP personality and life on social networks. The novelty of the new song is also sports journalist Jenni Sushi, who became famous in Bulgaria after a scandal with Bulgarian boxer Kubrat Pulev, who kissed her during the interview after her victory over Bogdan Dino in California. Cobra became extremely popular in the United States after the Sushi case.

Jenni Sushi dances in the wings of a man after the victory of CobraBrothers Puley widespread scandalous images on the side

Also in the new video of Paris, Kim Kardashian and in the second minute there is a picture of a woman lying on a table in a nightclub and covered … sushi. It is known that the American Jenni Sushi is known as the Queen Goose Dill and serves delicacy on the naked female body.

However, Jennifer Ravalo claims that no client has eaten her naked body.

The Athletic Commission decided to withdraw the Cobra license in North America by September 23 or 6 months from the date of the offense after the match against Romania's Bogdan Dino on March 23 in Costa Mesa, California. By then he had time to complete the training on sexual abuse. Cobra also has to pay a $ 2500 penalty. On July 22, Pulev will have to appear again before the commission and provide evidence of the completion of the course he has conducted and how he influenced him. If you successfully handle this task, a 6-month sentence can be reduced.

They punished Cobra in a quick procedureBulgarian boxer with 6-month license withdrawn, minimum penalty and training on sexual abuse

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