Tuesday , May 30 2023

Pernikans again protested, processions in other cities


Highways "Lulin" and "Struma" They were again blocked on the road to Daskalovo, reports BNR. Third consecutive evening, they gathered perchnians, to express their dissatisfaction with living standards. Hundreds of demonstrators once again demanded the government's resignation.

Road approaches are "attacked" by various countries to be blocked in all directions. Today's protest has passed under the slogan "There is no stopping the government's resignation, all together for Bulgaria".

At 20.15, the demonstrators raised the blockade and left the movement. The protest passed without exaggeration with the humiliated "Resignation!" and "Mafia!". Participants also asked, "Give us power!" and "People's Peace".

On the main road Ljulin there was a boat, and pirated cars were thrown. through the blockade, vehicles with children and emergency cases have fallen.

The construction of the municipal and regional administration of Pernik was occupied by the demonstrators. After the demolition of the Ljulin blockade, the demonstrators set off to the center of Pernik. In about half an hour they surrounded the municipal building guarded by the police. Demonstrators said they would fight until the government dropped out and appealed to cops to knock down the helmets. The protest was over at 22:15 after police took off the helmets. The protesters applauded them, they heard the words "Bulgarians, Heroes!", "Bravo, Pernik!" and "Heart and soul for Bulgaria!".

Protestants can not block highways, reminds the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Protestants can not block highways, reminds the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Protestants are sanctioned

There were hundreds of people on the main street Sliven.

There were a few dozen Burgas with screaming "Mafia!" and "Resignation!".

C Gabrovo Protest against poor living standards gathered around 50 people. Walking for a walk made it difficult for the city center to travel in a matter of minutes. Participants invited the government to think about those who chose them. Young people, unhappy with low income, demanded a decent life and the future of their children. "The protest is no longer fuel, it is already for Bulgaria," he said dissatisfied.

C Stara Zagora Over 100 people participated in the protest process, which led to a hotel where Mayor Zivko Todorov gave a report on his activities. The protesters had a license for the procession that started from the City Hall, passed Bulevar Metodija Kuseva, turned left to Hristo Botev Street, then went to the hotel, where the mayor gave his report. Although they did not have permission to turn to the right, they went unhappy to the place where the mayor Zivko Todorov, his team, the GERB deputy and other politicians of the party left. The mayor stood face to face with the disgruntled old Zagora. There was an exchange of words between him and the demonstrators. Tomorrow's protests in Zagora are continuing.

Tonight and on Iambol a protest procession was held in which dozens of people participated.

Protests in the country against the price of fuel and residence of Valeria Simeona

Protests in the country against the price of fuel and residence of Valeria Simeona

On the 23rd day of successive mothers of children with disabilities, they demanded Simeonov's resignation

Protests in Dobrich were canceled tonight after Mayor Jordan Jordanov warned that they would be unlawful without informing the municipality. The organizers pledged to declare tomorrow to continue the demonstrations.

In Veliko Tarnovo the protest was suspended until the Commission for Protection of Competition passed.

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