Wednesday , May 25 2022

Prime Minister Ioncheva and BSP: "Good morning" and "Good night" should tell Borisov! (VIDEO) – Blitz


I have absolutely nothing to do with these things. Nor has it anything to do with KTB or anyone else. Thus, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov commented on the charges of Elena Ioncheva against the prime minister and that BSP defended the journalists.

Blitz recalls that today she complained that the prosecutions initiated by the prosecution were the order of the prime minister.

"Everyone is responsible for what he has done," Borisov said.

"The thief says to keep the thief, I'm not dealing with such people, they must tell Boyko Borissov about Good Morning for good night," the prime minister said.

"The coalition works well, and today there was a ministerial council and everything is fine," Borissov said.

"European elections will be tough, but GERB has done a lot and that's why we will win them," the prime minister said in response to a question about how to comment on the latest sociological research.

"I will not comment on that. Think about who it is," Borisov said Office data.


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