Monday , March 27 2023

Susanita was out of the blue! Hit in cheap fabrics just to look … NILO – BLISTER


Suzanita seems to often look at Nicoleta Lausanne's profiles at Insagram and take ideas. After trying to get the same lips as a brunette, the former Duchess of Juliet Julianne Ganie, a baby and a scandalous singer, were also inspired by the style.

A year ago, Ni Lo published a photo in a luxury boutique, where he chose a short top of a famous designer and discovered the bottom of her breast. 17 hours ago, Susanita's profile in Instagram embraced a similar picture – she drank in her pajamas, again with half a drawer outside, but with hidden pearls beneath her white shirt – the cheapest, writes Hot Arena.

Although not at the right time, Susie Murad, at first glance, releases lingerie photos, otherwise her glory will quickly drop. The blonde is pretty unproductive from singles, and is currently based on scandals and duets of songs.

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