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“There will be a government”: reality until August 5 or an impossible equation – Elections 2021

"There will be a government": reality until August 5 or impossible equation

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All political forces (as well as the president and the interim prime minister) have stated again that they want a regular government and no recent elections, but even after the first working day of the 46th National Assembly, it is difficult to confirm that they will succeed in electing a cabinet. For now, all forecasts and discussions about whether and how this is possible are connected with the first term that will be given “There is such a people”. And all interest is focused on the upcoming talks of Slavija Trifonov’s party with those from the protest, as well as on whether there will be talks with BSP, because the three formations gather 112 votes and they will need more support with a regular quorum in plenary.

In the following days and consultations with parliamentary groups under the President, followed by a date for the first term. It is possible that it will be as early as next week or at the beginning of the one that starts on August 2. It is expected at these consultations the date for the autumn presidential elections should also be discussed. In the meantime, on the first working day of the parliament, it became clear that the deputies will probably not have a summer vacation (according to the idea of ​​the old new chairwoman Ivo Miteva), and 9 laws were submitted to the office.

Do you have a call from “There are such people” or the most anticipated conversations

At the end of the day (July 21), Dnevnik confirmed this through sources requesting anonymity to officially discuss on Thursday when and in what format the talks “There is such a people” with other parties will begin. The information that the party has already sent the invitations to Slavi Trifonov and to whom they do not have an official comment and confirmation. Other protest parties said they were expected because requests for dialogue were submitted on the first day of parliament.

BSP MP Georgi Svilenski was the only one to officially announce to BNT that the party received an invitation on Wednesday. So far, “There is such a people” has classified the left among the Kuo status parties. According to analysts, however, a BSP vote for their government would help diminish the role and support of the MRF and / or GERB (despite claims by Boyko Borisov’s party on Wednesday that it will be in opposition).

Talks with “There is such a people” are expected to be only for politicians, moreover, “Democratic Bulgaria” and “Get up. BG! We are coming” have commented several times that they are not interested in positions. For them, however, it will not matter who the next candidate for Prime Minister Trifonov is and the composition of the government.

On Wednesday, the name of former Deputy Prime Minister Meglena Kuneva was commented on as the next nomination among MPs from various political forces, but according to Dnevnik, she will not be nominated for prime minister, especially after Nikolai Vasilev’s resignation and the fact that they both have ministerial careers in the same governments. Other names discussed in the National Assembly were those proposed by Justice Minister Petar Iliev and Rumen Colakov of the Millennium Club, whose name has been mentioned in the media since previous elections.

“There are such people,” however, they stayed complete silence on who will be nominated for the next prime minister and ministers, as well as whether they remain part of what was announced in their first draft government. According to Dnevnik, no new talks were held with any of the transitional ministers.

Government until August 5 or new elections

The government until August 5 with the mandate “There is such a people” or new parliamentary elections – this is the main scenario in the official and unofficial comments of foreign MPs.

The calculation for August 5 came after the statement of the deputy president (re-elected president of the parliamentary group) “There is such a people” by Toshko Yordanov that either there will be a government with the first term in 14-15 days, or it will go to the third parliamentary elections in a year.

He said that when the party gets the mandate, it will propose a cabinet and talk to “other colleagues” about his policy and the direction in which the country should be pushed, although there were no differences among most parties in judicial reform or the main issue. prosecutor or for “humiliating pensions of our mothers and fathers”.

For the reform of the judiciary, the three so-called protest parties are similar in direction and big goals, but they have differences (according to previous ideas) in details (for example, the manner of electing the chief prosecutor), order and deadlines. From the rostrum, BSP leader Cornelia Ninova reaffirmed support for the closure of special courts and the special prosecutor’s office, the need for control over the chief prosecutor, and said they were pushing for a new anti-corruption commission law (KPCONPI). of four sides on the subject, if they clarify the differences.

The first test for a possible majority was on Wednesday when Iva Miteva was elected Speaker of Parliament – apart from “There is such a people”, her candidacy was also supported by “Democratic Bulgaria”, but without Hristo Ivanov (he abstained, explaining this as a gesture showing that there is a need for dialogue before the proposal and voting), he also supported “Ustani.BG! We are coming!” and from the MRF. Only “BSP for Bulgaria” offered an alternative candidate, Christian Vigenin, and according to unofficial information – the goal is to distance oneself, not to copy the agreement. The only one who voted against was Georgi Kadiev from the left-wing coalition, who also announced that talks should be held before that.

An office is possible

“There will be a government” – this is how the deputies answered questions about the possible scenario on the sidelines, although no one was sure exactly which support would be chosen and whether it would not be by reducing the quorum if talks between the parties do not lead to understanding. “Nobody wants elections” was the second repeated line, although the reasons are different.

I Hristo Ivanov and Maia Manolova confirmed in their answers to Dnevnik’s questions that cabinets with the first mandate are expected and that work will be done in this direction.. According to Ivanov, however, the new government should not become a “runaway bride”, ie. to be elected, but then to ask themselves how to gather a majority for policies and to be clear that there are “people in the government who can implement priorities”.

For “Democratic Bulgaria”, these are the reform of the judiciary, the removal of Ivan Geshev, lustration, as well as the removal of the country from the crisis caused by the so-called Sarai model around MRF. For “Get up. BG! We’re coming!” the priorities are increasing incomes and pensions, business support and judicial reform, and Maja Manolova has no doubt that “such people will be” proposed “smart and honest people for ministers”.

“Everything is possible,” commented the interim prime minister, Stefan Ianev, answering the question whether there could be transitional ministers in the regular cabinet.

The regular government was also requested by President Rumen Radev, who this time did not talk to the deputies, but only to the media. He announced that the interim government has started important changes and hopes that the regular cabinet, which will be elected by the National Assembly, will continue with the recovery of statehood and modernization of the country.

Three so-called protest parties have 112 deputies and although this is not a majority of 121, the government can be elected by their votes only if the quorum in plenary is lower, ie. if not all MPs registered at the beginning. However, a stable majority needs the support of the other party.

The GERB-UDF group said it would be a “strong, constructive and competent opposition”, citing chaos as its enemy. On behalf of the MRF parliamentary group, Mustafa Karadai signaled that he would closely monitor the formation of a new government without participating in the process, but not whether he would support a possible government, although he said the need was “historic”.

Only the BSP announced for Bulgaria that a conversation between the statesmen is needed and expressed readiness to form a cabinet in which the transitional ministers would participate if they win the third mandate.

What will parliament do?

Parliament is likely to work without a break in August, and the first task has traditionally been to adopt new rules and amend texts, which now require proposals between first and second readings to have NGO opinions.

It is expected that the ministers of services, Janaki Stoilov and Boyko Rashkov, will be questioned on Thursday due to the request for early termination of the mandate of the chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev, as well as due to wiretapping. The agenda should include the establishment of several temporary commissions – for the audit, for the Rosenets case and others.

On the first working day, the deputies submitted various draft laws – separately “BSP for Bulgaria” and “Stand up”. BG! We are coming! “Again offers a pension recalculation,” Democratic Bulgaria “- to close the special court and special prosecutor’s office,” Get up.BG! We are coming! ” – close the Prosecutor General’s Office, “BSP for Bulgaria” – BGN 650 maternity in the second year, etc.

A boring day

The first working day of the 46th National Assembly was much calmer than the unrest over the opening of the parliament in April, and many events on that day left the impression of deja vu – actions, people, voting were repeated. Representatives of “There is such a people” arrived in the formation in the National Assembly again. Mika Zajkova opened the meeting and regained her sympathy with her speech (see the video at the end), although she was assessed as not as strong as in April, and there were no such frequent witty remarks then. The deputies sat in a slightly different way from the previous parliament, like “Get up. BG! We are coming!” stand next to GERB, and “Democratic Bulgaria” next to “There is such a people.”

The election of the leadership of the parliament passed without additional discussions and with only one change – Rosica Kirova became the deputy president of GERB. At the end of the session, the newly elected Speaker of the National Assembly, Iva Miteva, invited for a joint photo in front of the building, but the deputies of “Takvih ima” and GERB refused to join her. In the photo, however, is Iva Miteva herself. “This is the will of every MP. I personally did not participate, because I do not want to be in the same picture with GERB,” Filip Stanev from “There is such a people” told Dnevnik, who this time did not stand in the front row next to Toshko Yordanov , which left an impression. “It is my personally conscious decision,” commented Ekaterina Zaharieva from GERB, confirming her absence from the photo.

Zlatina Zehirova and Ralitsa Ficheva also worked on this topic.

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