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There will be painful changes not only in the dressing room! Obertan took 100,000 leva a month!

There have been many changes in the past few weeks in Levski. The club entered into a powerful financial sponsor in the face of Vasil Bozhkov. Operational power is entrusted to Paul Kolev. We looked for a g. Koleva on the hottest topics in the "blue" club. Here is how Pavel Kolev answered the questions of BLIS director Ivail Krakunov.

– Mr Kolev, a great British writer and poet, Rudyard Kipling, said he had 40 million reasons for failure and no excuse. Is there a reason or excuse that Levski is not a favorite this year?
– There are many reasons, but no excuse. In that sense, Rudiard Kipling was absolutely right. Reasons can be sought back, not just this season. Unfortunately, in the last 10 years, despite being in the title fight, Levski was unable to win and left without a trophy, which is not typical of a club of this size. From this point of view there are no excuses, including for us – the new leadership of the club. We are obliged to make sure that Levski is a team that his fans want to see on the field. The club should show good organization and high spirit in the field in order to win, which, sadly, is a bit difficult, because things are going on the move and the changes are slow, especially when we want to be permanent.

– Many Blues fans were dissatisfied with the unparalleled performance of the team against Ludogorets. Are you ready to make painful changes to return Levski in the fight for the title of champion?
– Absolutely well-founded fans were not happy because the team did not play well in this game.

– Why?
Levski played as much as the Ludogorec allowed. Despite all conversations, Levski returns to the title fight after three consecutive victories, one against the eternal rival, the truth is that Levski has accidentally returned to the title battle, thanks to the fact that the main competitor is the leader in the ranking he allowed to lose points. But when the sword of the truth came, even though the Levski audience filled the stadium and created a unique atmosphere that we would like to see in every match of the Bulgarian championship, it seemed that the team was not ready to confront the Ludogorets with the arguments on the field. He needs painful changes, cardinal changes not only in the dressing room, but also in the way of keeping the club and how to structure the administration. I am ready for such changes. For this purpose, I came to the club – to make changes with everyone we are there.

– What exactly will these changes mean?
– First of all, we change the organizational structure of the club. New departments will be formed, the other will be removed so that the administration will be more adequate to the goals presented to Levski at this time – reviving and giving priority to the Academy and the way it works. The relationship between the Academy and the first team in terms of the fact that a large number of young players is ready for the first team and for men's football according to the criteria that existed for years in Levski. At the same time, emphasis should be placed on the first team that needs to be strengthened with a reasonable transfer policy to fight for the title of the next season. All this requires a lot of changes at any level involving personal changes.

– Levski coach Georgi Dermendiev is an experienced athlete, but at the same time he is criticized for failing to surrender to young footballers. How will your vision of imposing young footballers be covered by his?
– With Dermendzhiev we are constantly talking about this topic. It is true that he and his experience accumulated caution. Maybe he is used to cautiously acting in such situations and he loves how people say – three times to measure and then cut. From this point of view, Levski's games currently play, although the euphoria has been created that the team has other goals than qualifying for the Europa League, which is, of course, the most realistic moment for Dermendzhiev to be extremely useful. test players and get to know them not only with their soccer but also with human qualities – mentality, power of character and psyche. Dermendi can also draw a conclusion about the behavior of players in the social group, because there is always a group in the locker room and there is a different dynamics of the relationship in the dressing room. In this way Dermendziev can judge who is in this group and find out which player will be the backbone of Levski and with whom we will split. From the general policy and strategy that Levski will follow, I think that Dermendi could easily handle it, it just takes a little more time to get to know the players and to work with the young people who are currently training with the first team – these are seven boys from the Academy . I suppose that some of the young men will increasingly appear in the remaining 10 play-offs to determine their status and whether they can rely on them in the future.

– Are you sorry that you sold Oberert to Turkey because he was an important part of the Levski midfielder in the autumn half of the season?
"I'm not sorry if I have to be honest, there are several reasons: First, the presence of Oberthan in the field led to a positive for Levski, but it was by no means adequate to what was expected of him. Vaduza, who was and remains one of the shameful places in the history of Levski on European tournaments.Lavsky later left the Montenegrin Cup tournament and finished 10 points from Ludogorets at the end of the calendar year 2018. In that period, Levski lost his home at Botev (Vraca ), but I do not want to go back. Radio with I have very little time with Oberten, just a few days. In my opinion, Obertan was not the leader in the wardrobe he was supposed to be, including the young players. I talked to Oberert a lot before I went to Turkey He is a very good guy , but unfortunately it's a little closed. In the conversations I conducted with Obertran, I tried to persuade him to get out of that grenade where he was imprisoned. There are players who are difficult to open to others, especially when they are in a foreign country.

I tried to convince Oberthan that she should be the natural leader in the dressing room, not only because of the card she had, but also because of what she got from the club as a concern and salary. He undertook to do so, but after receiving an offer from Turkey, he decided to leave, which clearly tells me that, in a purely psychological way, Obert could not be turned into the central wardrobe that we wanted to have.

For this reason, there is no reason to regret, including for budget reasons. For me, Tottenham's salary is completely inadequate for at least the Bulgarian conditions. He is, of course, a star of such a rank that, if properly used, he could return to the advertising, image and attraction of the sponsor, but my conviction at least from the autumn half is that in this sense Obertran has been used for not more than 15 years, 20 % of its potential.

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"Is the profit earned by Oberert?"
– It is not a secret, it is difficult to calculate, because it is formed by different factors and components. He is promised to pay solid amounts and various types of bonuses. But if I have to make the breakdown of what he needed to get in a year, because his contract was renewed under the new conditions that came into force at the beginning of 2019, that's between 95,000 and 100,000 levs a month. . In my opinion, this is a fairly solid sum for Bulgarian standards.

– Have you prepared a "blacklist" for the players that will be released from the club after the playoffs?
– No, there's no blacklist. We talked with Georgi Dermendiev and his staff. The truth is, we have three players who are leading their contracts. These are Cvetkovic, Iablonski and Kabral. We will use the so-called Window for qualifying matches of national teams to analyze the situation with Dermendi and the referee with whom we will hold talks on renewal of contracts and who will explain that their services will not be needed in the coming season.

We will make a plan for the team to look for the start of preparations for the next championship in June, and based on this, we can see which players can sell profitable and what to look for in order to attract them. The direction is clear. We will try to attract as many Bulgarians as possible, but not for anything else, but because Levski missed last year and made the emotional connection between the team and the audience very difficult.

When there are more foreigners in the field, it is normal for the Lefkari community to identify with the team more easily and find their favorites. Unfortunately, we must admit that there are not enough class players from Bulgaria who raise the level of Levski. Especially when talking about young players with potential because it is necessary. A purely statistical Levski should aim at players who are between 20 and 24 years old, for the simple reason that the position of Levski in European football is such that if the player shows good play and quality, he will be interested in abroad. in which the financial conditions are different and very difficult to keep in Bulgaria. From this point of view, foreign clubs are willing to pay more money for players up to 24-25 years.

– Will you try to attract Todor Nedelev and Minchev, who stand out in the Bulgarian championship?
"These are certainly interesting names, and if I say that we have not discussed them, I will lie. The fact is that we talked with coach Dermendi about these players, but not with the clubs. We have not yet discussed with the leadership of Botev (Plovdiv) and the Black Sea, which we first need to contact for the simple reason that we have not cleaned up the list of my questions yet. In the name of sincerity, we must first go with the clubs owned by the players.

I can say that Bulgaria is unprofessionally and unfairly working from this point of view, because very often a player who has a contract with the club is called incognito for talks. This is forbidden by FIFA transfer regulations. The official approval must always be requested from the respective club that holds the rights of the player concerned and after being received for it, then a talk with the player is held. From this point of view, we will observe regulation and honesty with other clubs, and we will retain their correctness. Probably formal talks are still coming. And then, if we get the green light, we'll talk to the players.

We do not just look at the names you asked me about. There are other players from the Bulgarian championship who are challenging our interest, but at this stage I do not share certain names, because this will cause a wave of speculation.
Interview with Ivail KRACHUNOV

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