Wednesday , May 25 2022

This actress will stop with alcohol for 18 years – Curious


Hollywood actress is determined to do everything to get her son to school.

Oscar winner Ann Hathaway said she would stop alcohol … 18 years.

What, however, led to this final solution?

Stars fighting for alcohol addiction

Speaking during her visit to the show, Ellen Deenyur, a 36-year-old actress said she stopped drinking in October.

Anne Hathaway will not approach alcohol because she does not want a hangover around her two-year-old son, Jonathan, who needs it in the morning when she goes to school.

"… this will last 18 years. I will not drink until my son lives in my house, because I do not like to drink, and he is older when I need it in the morning," added the actress.

"Once I left school, I did not, but I was hanging and that was enough for me. I do not like it," says Ann.

She will be able to keep her word and not drink a glass of wine until her son is finished … we have to find out.

And I want her success!

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