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Tyson Fury knocked out Wilder in a crazy match with 4 knockdowns, twists and a brutal ending


Tison Fury i Deontai Wilder played one of the greatest professional heavyweight boxing fights of the 21st century, and the champion retained his WBC belt and the title of “undefeated” in an epic duel that went through 4 knockdowns and a brutal knockout in favor of the Gypsy King in the 11th round.

Diontai’s strategy to “inflate” the match even more, drastically increasing his personal weight, played a bad joke on him, and the experienced Fury took full advantage of that, even underestimating his opponent a little, especially in the 4th round.

The start was encouraging for Wilder, who quickly took the lead in two rounds as Fury studied his opponent’s new strategy. In the third round, the Briton was the first to inflict heavy defeats on the opponent and sent him to the knockdown. In the next round, however, Fury underestimated the situation and Wilder knocked down his opponent twice.

Since then, Fury has not allowed any surprises. He seemed to have inexhaustible energy as the strength in his legs gradually “left” Wilder. In the 10th round, Fury equalized in knockdowns, while in the 11th, he sent Wilder to the ground for the last time with a brutal right hook – by knockout and the champion remained undefeated.

However, already in March, the Bronze Bomber launched a rematch clause, which destroyed the opportunity for Tyson Fury to play with Anthony Joshua in a match that would unite all the belts.

The match at the “T-Mobile Arena” in Las Vegas starts around 6:00 Bulgarian time and you will be able to follow it LIVE in


The main event of the evening began with the performance of the anthems of Great Britain and the United States. Wilder was the first to enter the ring, this time leaving the heavy clothes from the previous trip (weighing over 10 kilograms) and bet on a mask with red stones, a headband and a standard bathrobe.

This time, Fury was far more provocative, as the Gypsy King appeared like Caesar in the boxing ring, picking up a standing ovation.


The two of them started a long-distance fight, and Furi pushed the ropes away several times. Wilder tried to attack first, but Fury withdrew and avoided the first serious attack of the match. On the good right side, the American found Fury’s head, albeit slightly sideways, but the Gypsy king avoided a prolonged attack. The Briton managed to achieve a good attack at the end of the round – left-right straight, which restored parity. (Wild round)


Fury used the ropes again to save himself from Wilder’s attacks, which helped him get into a clinch when Diontai tried to make a series. An exchange of blows followed – right-handed Wilder and Fury’s hook, and then a good right-right from the counter. (Wild round)


Wilder made a great attack, which seriously shook Fury and the American started to press in the following seconds. However, Tyson parries with a few accurate hooks. However, while the American was pressing, Fury caught a moment and made a series of two strokes, and Wilder was on the ground – followed by a left straight and two consecutive uppercuts, and Wilder failed to recover. Just before Fury knocked out Diontai, the gong hit for the end of the round. (categorical circle for Fury)


The Briton pressed his opponent from the very beginning, while Wilder asked for a “clinch” 3-4 times in order to give himself time to rest shortly after the difficult third round. With a sudden attack, Wilder sent Fury to the ground – a new knockdown, this time in favor of the American. He knocked down the opponent with direct blows and uppercuts, and 10 seconds before the end, Fury started a new countdown after Wilder’s apertoire – two knockdowns and this time the champion was saved by the gong. (categorical circle for Wilder)


With the attack with the left hook – the right right, Furi took the first step towards restoring the draw in the match. Wilder gradually accelerated his pace and struck hard several times, albeit in Fury’s gloves. Fury responded with an excellent left hook, followed by a strong exchange of blows with the leading hand. Relatively few blows were inflicted in the round, and the winner was controversial.


The American was not so aggressive in the round, because Fury gave stronger blows – a few straight and a few hooks, which gave him an advantage in the first 2 minutes of the round. Towards the end of the act, he delivered a new series of blows while Wilder wondered how to get into the clinch – the first signs of serious Diontai fatigue and the Fury round.


With a brutal right hook, Fury shook Wilder in the middle of the round and started forcing the opponent on the ropes, who in turn tried to hit Fury’s body. The bomber tried a hard attack, but Fury held out, and then retaliated with 3-4 consecutive strong blows, which already seriously shook Wilder, but thanks to frequent clinching, he saved himself in the round – the second consecutive round for Fury.


Wilder entered the ring more slowly this time, after there was a medical intervention in his corner. With two right kicks, Tyson pulled points again in the round, but Wilder showed a desire to fight back and hit Fury straight in the head, who, however, quickly took the lead again after two right kicks by the Briton. He kept the advantage until the end of the round.


Furi started better again, but Diontai was waiting for the moment when he managed to perform two fast, but not strong enough shots – Furi quickly entered the clinch, and then began to impose the opponent with a constant left side. With them, he managed to break the opponent’s guard and scored three quick shots before Wilder regained the clinch. The end of the round was standard – Fury delivered a series of punches, which guarantees this round on his account.


Wilder had almost no intention of attacking, and after constant attempts at clinching, Fury managed to find him with his right hook, and the American fell to the floor – another crash in favor of Tyson. The Briton immediately tried to use his advantage, but Wilder survived until the end, even though Fury hit the uppercut, right and left cover. At the end of the round, however, Wilder tried to attack, but Tyson showed that he was not shaken.


With a new cannonade of right kicks and uppercuts, Wilder barely broke through to the ropes, but in the end, Fury knocked out Wilder with his right hook – a brutal blow and the end of the match with a known result – a triumph for Fury, who remained undefeated in the heavyweight category.



On the official scales, they both showed record weight in their careers. The Briton anchored the weight at 125.6 kg, while the American boxer weighed 107.6 kg. The difference between them is as much as 18 kilograms!

Furi was heavier in the first two matches between the two – in 2018 there were no winners, but in the second clash Furi was stronger than them. At the same time, it became clear that there was no revenge clause in the contract, so the winner would keep both belts longer.

If the WBC champion does not agree with the winner of the rematch in between Anthony Joshua and Alexander Usik however, Dillian White will take the stage. The Briton became the official candidate for the WBC belt.

In his career, Fury is still undefeated. He has 30 wins and 1 draw, with 21 of his knockout successes. Wilder had the only defeat in the previous match with Fury. The American has 41 wins (41 knockouts), 1 draw and 1 loss.

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