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United recalled 1999 with a glorious turn to Juve + VIDEO


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Manchester United made another legendary leap in the Champions League after defeating Juventus 2-1 with Turin.

The Italian Hegemon led in the 65th minute through Cristiano Ronaldo, who for the third time in his career scored against his former team. The Red Devils, however, did not say their last word.

In the 86th minute Juan Matta equalized with the magnificent performance of the fool, and in the 90th minute the drama became complete. After mixing, Paul Pogba forced Alek Sandra to achieve his goal, largely due to United's great success against his former team.

In the table, Juve remains the leader with 9 points, but missed a great chance to secure a seat in the 1/8 final tonight. United is in second place with 7 points, Valencia has 5, Yang Boys is at the bottom with 1 point.

Both coaches have 4-3-3 glasses. Mak Allegre preferred Matti de Chiallo as a right-wing defender instead of Joao Cassello. Captain Giorgio Cielini returned to the starting team. Juan Cuadrado, Paulo Diballa and the great star Cristiano Ronaldo acted in the attack. For the first time in more than a month, recovered Sami Kedera came out on the field.

In the absence of Romulus Lukaku at the top of the attack for guests Alekis Sanchez works. Next to him were Antoni Marciail and Jesse Linggard. Paul Pogba returned emotionally to Turin, and Italian waves greeted him applause. Nemanja Matič and Andre Herer played alongside him in the middle of the court.

The match began at a high pace, and two blows of Cristiano Ronaldo were blocked. Guests rely on the deep press, and in 10 minutes Rodrigo Bentankour did not hit the goal after ricochet. After the fourth hour of the game, Ronaldo made a new leap this time.

Then two teams went out and the first more interesting situation came after almost half an hour. Alekis Sanchez was then extremely long, but he could not find a comfortable position. In the 31st minute, United fired in front of the penalty area, but the Chilean star of the team was pointing to the wall.

He was followed by a lightning bolt for Juve, which ended with Sami Kedera's powerful kick in the hands of David De Hea. It was the first real hit in the conflict. Later, the Spanish goalkeeper also seizes the country Juan Quadrado.

In the 35th minute, the beam saved the "red devils". Ronaldo, with one touch, found Cedar in the penalty spot. World champion for 2014 shot without delay, but the real pillar helped De Hea look helpless. At the end of the half, Voicech Schesni showed that he did not sleep after rescuing a weak, but crushed Paul Pogba.

The second part began with the passage for United. Antoni Marcial scored on a marvelous cross pass coming in from the left. Juve immediately answered. Paulo Diballa retired to the edge of the penalty area and fired, but the crossed pillar saved De Hea.

After 65 minutes, the home side was awarded a penalty. Leonardo Bonucci with a long passage as a tutorial was led by Cristiano Ronaldo. He was led by Chris Smilling and scored with a great rebound! The goal was to inspire the "old lady" and the game came out of the current apathetic style. A second later, De Hea reflected the blow to Miralem Pianich. In 73 minutes, Kuadrado found a Bosnian national, but this time he did not reach the door.

Then Ronaldo found Quadrado in the attack of speed, but the Colombian look was cheated. In the 79th minute, guests could return the equalizer, but Marcus Rashford's shot blinked in a dangerous zone. In the 86th minute United equalized after the substitute Juan Matta scored a magnificent goal.

The drama became a lot in the 90th minute when Muggle Pugba forced Alec Sandra to score his new goal in a new static position with which the visitors won!

Juventus – Manchester United 1: 2

Scorers: 1: 0 Ronaldo (65), 1: 1 Mata (86), 1: 2 Sandro (90 ac)

Juventus: De Shilio (83-Bardzali), Bonucci, Chiellini, Sandro, Pianic, Kedera (61-Matuidi), Bentankour, Kuadrado (90-Manjukic), Ronaldo,
Coach: Mak Allegri

Manchester United: De Hea, Ioung, Smoling, Lindelof, Shav, Pugba, Matic, Hera (79-Matic), Lingard (70-Rashford), Marcial, Sanchez
Manager: Jose Mourinho

Turin, "Stadion Allianz"
Referee: Ovidiu Alin Hategan (Romania)
Yellow cards: Sandro, Dibala (Juventus); Matic, Hera, Marcial (United)

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