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Unmarried and married woman died in the garage while they were kissing (Obzor)

Two Plovdiv sucks in the garage after they launched a car to warm up. Photo RADKO PAUNOV

The 40-year-old rich bachelor and his 34-year-old mistress were found dead in the garage of a new cooperative in Plovdiv. There are no signs of violence on both of them, they died of choking, according to the original opinion. On Friday evening Kostadin Kabakov brought his beloved person, a family with two young children, and entered the car. They started to enjoy. A man recently bought an apartment in a newly built building. But the apartment was not equipped, so they decided to lease the garage. At one point they became cold and set on a car. After being fired by gas, his vapors were suppressed. From Friday night to Sunday morning, we both had no news, no bones.

The first scene of Kostadin's father, Assen Kabakov, was a first look. "It was terrifying," said a 24-hour indecent parent who was wondering how to tell a woman.

Instead, the man and brother of the 34-year-old woman who left the children at the age of 3 and 6 years has accidentally arrived. "Why did not he take her to the hotel, but he decided to be interesting. He had a pocket of 4700 in his pocket, "Asen Kabakov does not believe." He claims that he saw Kostadin as a colorful egg, he was his younger son and had weaknesses towards him.

"On Friday night with her beloved, they were in a tavern, and he decided to bring her here to show her a new apartment," says the parent, and he can not explain how both of them were suffocated at the same time.

"I came to the conclusion that children should not be satisfied and humiliated, because where they can come," says Asen Kabakov. He bought his son first in the second quarter in Plovdiv. He sold it and took the apartment on the Sunny Beach. "He was not deprived of anything, Kostadin worked with me, and for years I had a casino in Pazardzhik for some citizens of Sofia, and I was very good." "The son was big." Then we did our own work, I did it all over, "said the parent.

In his words, the little son had musical talents. He slept with Misha Shamara and Vanko 1. He even had a piece of "Ice Cream and Cream".

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