Monday , March 27 2023

Vasil Panaiotov: There is nobody to prove, I have to earn my place in the Black Sea


Blackpool midfielder Vasil Panajotov expressed his satisfaction with a 1: 0 victory over Levski, who sent "sailors" to "Top 6".

"Cute win, because we earned three important points, and that's so different for the game, and both have made a good result.

I think we were more focused on important moments. We scored naked, and then we stood firm in defense, which is glamorous because we are hesitated in defense.

I have nothing to prove, I have a new club and I have to make my place here. We are professional and in every game we do our best.

We hope, after winning one of the leaders in the championship to show more confidence and make several successive victories, "said the heartbreaker.

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