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Veždi Rasidov: Banov did not tell me to kick him because he is a proud man

Not a blue nor a red lamp – Prime silence is deafening, Nina said

Minister of Culture Boil Banov did not mention that the then head of the Culture Committee, Vezhdi Rashidov, was banned. I explained this to Rasheedov to reporters in parliament yesterday.

On the second day, on the margins of the National Assembly, a scandal with audio recordings was averted, leaving left-handed Elena Ioncheva on Wednesday. They were from the time Rasheedov was the Minister of Culture, while Boil Banov was his deputy. According to a red journalist, it is clear that the current minister gives instructions on how to falsify documents, so that the project's Larko does not pay penalties, so that the state loses 700 thousand leva. , said GERB the day before. Minister Banov has discovered that for several years he has been written on the records of the former minister in the ministry, Angela Angelova.

"Boil Banov did not mention that he was kidnapped because he is a proud man. Why would I apply as a student?

He is hardworking

Man, I can not

not to say anything

I'm not saying I'm behind someone. I always stand behind the law, "Rasheed said.

Indeed, the delay in the construction of Luke is the culprit for the government of Plamen Oresarsky, he said.

"In Germany, when I was in the hospital, I was informed that there was a possibility to lose 3 million euros. Do you realize that it is to come to the treasury of the Ministry – even a small budget – to cover the loss of European money? "Said Rasheed for. He even stopped treatment and returned to Bulgaria to find a solution.

"When I saw that they were slow,

We talked

people do it

can quietly

calmly yes

to fulfill the deadline,

so do not lose


The whole problem is in those 30 days, which is the fault of the government of Oresari. One year in plastic bags is an object, he added.

In the meantime, the affair, named after Ioncheva "Alo, Banov", caused a scandal in the plenary hall.

"The model of managing three of Boris's cabinets can be described in the words" Alo, Corruption "or" Alo, Steal. "This is a model behind the scenes, where political power, a part of the judiciary and a mysterious business together for personal interest and personal pockets, "Said BSP leader Kornelia Ninova.

Members of the GERB immediately called for compromise and laziness, but Deputy Prime Minister Donchev ordered a check. In which country did the deputy prime minister order control and deal with the slums? "She continued. On Wednesday, Mayor of Sofia, Jordanka Fandakova, denied that the municipality gave money for the Liszha project, Nina continued in her statement, and immediately read the quote from Fandaka on the opening of the site, stating that $ 6 million was given.

"Silence of Prime Minister Boiko Boris's silence – there are no blue and red lamps. The lights in the Council of Ministers suddenly went off," Nina concluded.

GERB and United Patriots immediately joined the declarations. "Ms. Ioncheva is not a journalist, but a deputy.

the real

Journalists do not

Sit here in the middle

MEPs, said the first Tom Bikov. According to him, Ikoncev came from meetings with people from "an organized criminal group for blackmailing officials in various state institutions". Such meetings could lead to investigators investigate, but Ioncheva is a politician.

"There is no investigation. According to Mr. Penco Milkov in the morning, you received these records three days ago and you beat them at a press conference without even checking whether the Ministry of Culture filed the case in this case," MP.

"The reporter who is the subject, who is really controversial about how such a reporter, can not in any way be perceived as a person who gives true and truthful facts." I think it was clear to all of us in the past activities. On November 13, 2017 she publicly projected and presented her film about a fairy tale in which there was no truth. Only lies and suggestions, "said former Deputy Prime Minister Valeriy Simeonov. According to him, Ioncheva even tripled the capture of illegal migrants, recording his report.



with Elena Ioncheva,

in the end, will it

way in

prison ",

he advised BSP.

Ioncheva listened carefully to her statements, then laughed at the margins and only announced that she was waiting for the prosecutor to contact her.

"We are ready to contact the prosecution regarding Alo, Banov, she will provide all the information," she said.

Read "24 hours" and you will understand everything, advises Deputy Minister Sachev

"Against Angel Angelov, said Minister of Culture Boil Banov, as the man who brought him to the record, there are signals that he tried to jeopardize the director of the Executive Agency" Operational program "Science and education for smart growth".

Deputy Minister of Education Denitsa Sacheva stated for bTV. "Read" 24 hours "and you'll understand everything," she recommended. In yesterday's edition we wrote that the manager of this program at MES Kiril Geratliyev had doubts in Angelov and began to remove him from the projects. To which person, who recorded Boil Banov, he answered threat. He told Geratley he would interrupt his program. Geratliev filed a complaint to the police. He informed MES management to take care of car tires, said the deputy minister.

Sacheva explained that there is evidence that Angelov is connected with people who work on EU projects and want to go for certain contractors.

Boil Banov: Now, my child, where will he learn until it's clear that this is messy?

Lambo is accused of advising him to withdraw for some time

"Where will the child teach me when the Prosecution is running until it's clear that everything is messy?" I have to take him home privately. "This was said yesterday by Minister of Culture Boil Banov before New TV. "To reach the Minister of Culture in this infantile manner, as if you have reached all the culture," he concluded. Attacks on him have intensified after his visit to Russia and the Hermitage Treaty.

Banov specified that his resignation could be considered as Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, who, however, advised him not to surrender. "They want Boiko to remove me because he is, and here you are one bullet," the minister said, and he explained, "This is a terrible, unproven sleep: they took some extortionists, took a piece and hit him with me. I wonder if Ioncheva is familiar with these extortionists. But it is very hard for me because I'm not a politician, I'm rich and I have not learned to swallow such things. "

Banov, who gave his first interview for "24 hours" – on Wednesday, when the scandal broke out, reassured him that the record against him was a hit and a compilation. Many colleagues – not only from GERB, but also from Ioncheva – invited him to support. The Minister acknowledged that Stefan Danailov had offended him: "I expected the Teacher to support me, which we knew long ago. And I read that I had to withdraw while the check was in progress. It was good, my lord!"

"The right of the opposition is to criticize, but in order to pronounce the verdict too much," Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev told New TV.


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