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We have much to make up for, but we can have a record quarter:

Muss: We have a lot to make up for, but we can have a record quarter

Photo: Reuters

Tesla has "a lot to make up for," but he still has a chance to reach a record quarter. It was written by Executive Director Ilon Musk in an e-mail to his employees, who reviewed Reuters.

"Although our demand is strong, we have a lot of stock in order to catch up to reach a successful quarter," says Muss. "As I mentioned in the previous e-mail, if we do well, the second quarter will be a historic record for Tesla's deliveries and incredible victory!"

Tesla is ready to make record-breaking deliveries in the second quarter, surpassing the 90,700 cars he sent in the last quarter of last year, an e-mail he sent last week said.

The company, which is struggling to deliver deliveries, produced an average of 900 electric cars of the model 3 last week, as e-mailed, which is closer to the target of 7,000 cars a week.

In his latest e-mail, Muk said he would start talking with shipping teams around the world every two days to know "what's needed to speed up our supply."

The demand for the Tesla Model 3 and other cars has become one of the biggest concerns of investors after the company reported a stagnation of demand in the first quarter, while US-China trade relations stretched.

Tesla did not immediately respond to a comment request.

Shares of the company rose by almost 1% to $ 189.86.

Tesla's shares fell 43 percent this year, and sales rose after the company announced it had shipped only 63,000 cars in the first quarter. The mouse is struggling to overcome the impact of reducing federal tax credits, and analysts are worried about the impact that the company might have due to the pressure of trade with China, the second largest market.

Tesla said he would deliver between 90,000 and 100,000 cars in the second quarter. Analyst Morgan Stanley Adam Jonas said that "Vall Street" whispered that supplies could reach 70,000 units.

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