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Weekly horoscope for 18-24. March

This is a week to end the old cases and to create bills. If you owe some money to someone, it's good to get it back. In the middle of the week, conflicts with your colleagues are possible. Do not fight at all costs. Relationships with people you work with are important. Do not make a quick decision personally.
This week you will have the opportunity to personally make some missed opportunities. Common life requires concessions, otherwise you can have everything – but yourself. In your work, mobilize your efforts to keep your tasks. The period will be loaded and will require you to use all your available intellectual and physical resources.

This week will be filled with love. Some of you will decide on a serious step in personal relationships. Make sure you have correctly judged the situation and rely not only on promises and illusions. In the middle of the week you have the opportunity to show what you are capable of in the service. The period is good for your career development.

This is a week full of conclusions. The good news is that they will be positive. Do not doubt. Things will be the way you do it. A business trip awaits you. Do not hesitate to learn a new sphere in your work. We live in a time in which we have the opportunity to continually learn.
It's good to check out this week several times. Do not rely on people you know recently or who have not committed serious responsibilities. Now you have to do important things. Try to stick to the rules, no matter how uncomfortable you are. At weekend you will be the family's parent. Do not refuse to call for help and be a wise counselor.
Your success over the week depends on your self-awareness. It is important to have confidence in your real possibilities, and they are not so small. It is very likely to get an attractive offer to change the job. It will cause many changes and wonder if you are willing to change your life to such an extent. At the same time, it's not good for you to remain in the captivity of the melancholy of the past. Personally, things can be changed in a better direction only thanks to your efforts.

This week you will be overwhelmed by the business. The only way to save yourself from overload is to learn to say "No". The first time it will be difficult for you, but at one point you will feel the effect of saving that word. Be real and rely on your strength. Now your health is the most important and you need a break. Plan a short trip that will get you mentally out of tension.
Your best friend this week will be your peace and self-confidence. Now it's very important not to rush, especially in critical situations. Try to imagine that everything is happening to someone else, and you are an observer. This will help you to look at things from the side and find the best solution for yourself. Do not rush to share and make serious statements and promises.
This is a week in which you will be able to marvel. Everything you do good intentions will become better than good. It's important that you act on your own, not revealing your intentions. Look for the opening of the tension in the long walks of the evening. Time is good for a change in diet. At the end of the week, you are expecting a personal surprise.

This Monday relies solely on common sense. If you feel that it does not reach you, you can seek advice from a friend.
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This week will be crucial for your career. Be aware of everything that is happening around you, because unforeseen changes can occur. Now you will need more skills and adaptation skills. The rules are changing and it's quite normal. Customize your home status. There is no need for change. Be yourself and do not burden your partner with too much anticipation.
This is a week to avoid emotional decisions. Now is the time to strictly hold your mind. New acquaintances and friendships are waiting to expand your view of the world. On Thursday you will face a challenge that will require wisdom on your part. On weekends, focus on physical activity.
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You expect a full balance for a week. She is always alive in her life – nothing is just good or bad. It is important not to be fatalists and to pay attention to positive aspects. Try to define the goal that you want to achieve in order to feel useful. Do not hesitate to put more effort into your hobby. If your soul feels good, then you are on the right track.

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