Wednesday , February 8 2023

1 person saved after the storm broke the white dot


A husband is safe on dry land after the helicopter of the Royal Canadian Air Force helicopter rescued him from the crushed harbors "White Rock".

Captain Stu Robertson with the joint coordination center Victoria Joint Rescue, Canadian forces agency, which coordinates air and sea rescue in B.C. and Yukon, said that the man was saved about 3:35 p.m. PT Helicopter from the 442 Traffic and Rescue Brigade headquartered in Comoq.

He was not aware of the saved male years.

Get Rock RCMP Cont. Chantelle Sears said that the police informed about the situation about 2 hours. PT Thursday.

"Because of the winds, the dock has split," Sears said. "There is one person to be rescued".

Pristan is in the bay of Semiahmoo in the 15,000 Marine Drive block.

Video from the social media from the scene shows that the helicopter was floating above the port at 3:30.

Video from the social media from the scene shows that the wave has leaned in the waves.

"The port and dock just went by the waves," said Melanie McIntosh, a resident of Wyatt Rocka, who after the meeting arrived at the dock.

"Dock and berths, where they are usually sailing boats, they just left. All ships just leaned toward the pier to the railroad."

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