Sunday , January 29 2023

A man charged with extortion, holding women against will


A man in Ottawa faces several charges of allegedly holding an American woman against his will in the Ottawa district of Kanata and extorting it for sexually explicit photographs and videos.

Investigators in Ottawa received information from the US Homeland Security Department that a woman had died out in the west of the city, the Ottawa police said in a statement.

Officers went to Kanati's home on Tuesday and found a 20-year-old woman who was against her will. According to court documents, the woman was detained on Tuesday.

A woman was assessed and taken to her family on Wednesday.

Ryan Earl McCann, 28, was arrested and charged with forcible detention and two counts of extortion and non-consensual distribution of intimate images.

The charges relate to two different victims, and the police say they believe there are other victims in Ottawa.

McCann appeared in court on Wednesday and was in detention.

He could face other accusations, the police said.

In 2010, McCann was sentenced to eight years in prison for harassing and blackmailing teenagers.

McCann also pleaded guilty to 26 charges, including harassment and child pornography, involving 22 women victims, some of whom were younger than 14.

He later appealed against that judgment, but the appeal was dismissed in 2011.

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