Thursday , August 5 2021

Alberta’s largest mass vaccination site set to open in Calgary on Monday

CALGARIA – The city is preparing to open its 25th place of mass vaccination – and the newest facility is by far the largest.

The TELUS Congress Center will start accepting Calgary on Monday.

When fully operational and if the amount of vaccine is increased, the site could eventually give 6,000 injections through 120 vaccination stations each day.

It is enough to give the mayor optimism.

“The idea is to make it easy, safe and enjoyable because we process a huge amount of people through this facility,” said Naheed Nenshi. “In general, what we are seeing are huge amounts of doses coming to Canada very quickly during April, May and June. As the offer comes, (the center) will increase so that we can vaccinate more and more people.”

As of Saturday, 675,000 doses have been dispensed in the province.

Officials say the convention center is an attractive option due to the proximity of public transportation. It will also include free parking for those receiving the vaccine.

The site is expected to operate seven days a week and will be open between eight and 16 hours each day, depending on the offer.

Calgary who want to shoot them at the center will have the option of scheduling a vaccine online or up to 811.

The site will not accept scheduled appointments and the first week is already fully booked.

It is located at 136 Eighth Ave. SE

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