Friday , January 27 2023

Apple has created two times as many million-dollar publishers in 2018 as Google


Analitics firm Sensor Tover has used its latest data on application publishers to compare how many new $ 1 million publishers App Store and Google Play cook each year. It turned out that Apple created two times more new million-dollar publishers like Google Play in 2018, with 164 publishers who earned their first $ 1 million net revenue in the US App Store.

The source says that the number of publishers with its first million or greater year on the American App Store increased by about 15% in 2018 compared to the previous year when the 143 publishers reached the milestone.

Google Play, where 88 publishers earned the first million dollars of net income this year, has increased the number of new million dollar publishers by 24% over the previous year.

It is not surprising that 54 out of 164 new publishers in the US App Store – about 33% – focused on the category of the Games, since this year accounted for about 60% of all revenues on the platform this year. . Novelty FokNekt Games, a publisher of the Marvel Strike Force, has brought this category to date in 2018.

What was highlighted was, however, that the percentage of new iOS publisher categories was reduced by 10% from 2017 and transferred to other categories, including Lifestyles and Health & Fitness, which increased the number from 5 to 6% 10 and 12 percent of the total, that is, from last year.

Looking at Sensor Tover's findings, it's clear that Apple will continue to control its position as the premier platform for mobile developers in 2019.

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