Friday , May 7 2021

Ariana Grande donated Mac Miller to Thanksgiving

Holidays can be difficult for missing loved ones, and these thoughts of gratitude, Ariana Grande, were with her late ex-boyfriend Mac Miller.

On Thursday, the singer-songwriter "God the Woman" shared an explosive Facebook memory from 2017, when she and Miler shared their gratitude. Revealed with festive emoji, the picture showed a pair of nose heads. "Pita," she wrote a year earlier. She now added a new title: "You missed."

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Ariana Grande's Instagram Story.

Ariana Grande's Instagram Story.

Ariana Grande / Instagram

Grande had previously shared more posts since her suddenly drug addiction on September 7th. On her next day, the singer released a black and white photo of rappers on Instagram on September 8th.

A few days later, Grande shared the video with her, and Miller laughed together with the title: "I love you from the day I met you when I was nineteen, and I will always."

"I can not believe you are not here anymore, I really can not wrap my head around her, we talked about this, so many times." I'm so angry, I'm so sad I do not know what to do, "Grande continued. "You are my favorite friend, so long, above all else."

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In October, a week after it was announced that they were Grande and SNL comedian Pete Davidson gave up her engagement. She set a video of her instagram story about Miller who is preparing for the evening Oscar.

In the video, Miller – standing next to one who looks like Grande's mother, Joan and her grandmother, Nonna – gets his sleeve for a tuxedo jacket, while watching an interview by Elton John on television.

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Mac Miller on the story of Ariane Grande Instagram.

Mac Miller on the story of Ariane Grande Instagram.

Ariana Grande / Instagram

"I should have been wearing it during the night," says Muller, referring to a singer's woven coat, pink diamond sunglasses and a colorful pendant.

After comments, he turns to Grande and laughs when he realizes that he was shooting a sweet moment.

Determining to make the video a testimony – in which Miller's drunk Miron sitting in front of the late benchmark – Grande did not add the title and instead only added the heart over Miller's left hand.

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