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Australia Sik Dovn vs India to Melbourne

As for India, after winning the seven consecutive bilateral T20I series, Kohli and his people will surely want to win eight in a row and may therefore be forced to exchange a combination of batting and bowling. An Indian bathtub line could see some changes due to KL Rahul's patch form. Since the first T20I failed in the 101st game against England in Manchester, Rahul failed to cross the 30th place in the next six games. The management team continued with him in number three, bowed to Manish Pandei and skipper demotivated to fourth place. Consistency needs a Rahul watch, especially since it is also set to be part of the Indian peak in the Test series. (Play fantasy leagues and win cash daily)

Live updates 2. T20I between India and Australia, directly from Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne

14:25 IST: SIXTH! Delivered delivery by Kuldeep Iadav and Nathan Coulter-Nile strikes him directly into the ground to collect six moves. AUS 80-6 after 13.3.

14:22 IST: OUT! The car for Kuldeepa Iadava at the first match of his final. Good delivery from Kuldeep and Alec Careia goes to the aerofoto on the side of the leg. It fails to get the ball and the Pandia's Crown catch a simple catch in depth.

14:19 IST: FOURTH! Full-length delivery from Kuldeep Iadav and Ben McDermott play the ball on the leg to collect four races. Brilliant placement from McDermott on that occasion. AUS 69-5 after 12 interruptions.

14:15 IST: OUT! Big cards for India. Dangerous Glenn Makvell returned after reaching 19 races. The corner from the box of cards manages to turn the ball from the right player. The ball hits the front of the Maxwell and hits the top of the spit. AUS 62-5 after 11.

14:13 IST: FOURTH! Pandia's crown drops onto the bases, and Glenn Makvell finishes it to collect his first line of the match.

14:11 IST: 10 is over and Australia has 54 runs on the board due to a loss of four tickets. Awesome of Kuldeep Yadava ends. Just two water from it. Krand Pandia will continue on the other side.

14:05 IST: The switch from Kuldeep Yadav ends. 5 comes out of it. Another change in bowling for India. Krand Pandia comes in exchange for Jasprit Bumrah. AUS 46-4 after 8 rounds.

14:02 IST: Bowling is changing for India! Spin first introduced himself. Kuldeep Yadav comes in for Khaleel Ahmed.

13:59 IST: OUT! Absolutely splendid of Jasprit Bumrah. A short delivery in front of Bumrah and Marcus Stoinis goes to the upper part. He can not play the ball, and Dinesh Karthik gets a good catch in depth. Stoinis returns after hitting four races. AUS 41-4 after 6.3.

13:52 IST: OUT! Another map for Khaleel Ahmed. A short stump from the left-hand side and D & # 39; Arci Short shoots. He gets the bottom half of the butterfly and pulls it back to the stumps. Australia is in great trouble at the moment. AUS 35-3 after 5.3.

13:49 IST: FOURTH! The limit is to finish for the first time from Jasprit Bumrah. The wide delivery of van Bumrah and D & # 39; Arci Short reduces the ball to collect four rides. Excellent weather on that occasion from the left. AUS 34-2 after 5 interruptions.

13:45 IST: Changing Bowling for India! Jasprit Bumrah comes in exchange for Bhuvneshvar Kumar.

13:42 IST: OUT! Brilliant catch from Krunal Pandia. Khaleel Ahmed hits India. A broad outsider from Khaleel and Linn goes on. The injuries of the ball and the blade take an excellent catch in depth. Dangerous Lin returned after reaching 13 races. AUS 27-2 after 3.5.

13:41 IST: FOUR! Khaleel Ahmed from the team's squad gives the sokot a lot of throw to Chris Linne and he hits the ball straight across the ground and accumulates four races.

13:35 IST: It turns out and SIX! The Knuckle Ball from Bhuvneshvar Kumar and Chris Linn are headed for the big goal on the side. The ball bounces from the hand of Jasprit Bumrah in a fine leg and goes over the fence. The border from Bumra on the border line and Bhuvneshvar is not satisfied with the effort. AUS 16-1 after 2.4.

13:32 IST: It turns out! A good length from Bhuvneshvar Kumar and D? Arci Short goes after that. It only succeeds to sharpen the ball. Rishabh Pant does not have a good save. D & # 39; Arci Short survives, but it was an extraordinary delivery from Bhuvneshvar. AUS 9-1 after 2.1.

13:29 IST: FOURTH! The first game limit for Australia. Full-length delivery from Khaleel Ahmed and D & # 39; Arci Short hits the ball straight on the ground and accumulates four races. AUS 6-1 after 1.3.

13:26 IST: Successfully crossing Bhuvneshvar Kumara ends. Two runs and exits from it. Khaleel Ahmed will divide the new ball from Bhuvneshvar on the other side. AUS 2-1 after 1.

13:22 IST: OUT! The first ball for Aaron Finch. Excellent delivery outside Bhuvneshvar Kumar. He takes the outer edge of Finch's rod and Rishabh Pant makes the rest behind the crests. Great start for India! AUS 1-1 after 0.2.

13:21 IST: Australia immediately left the mark. On the backgrounds from Bhuvneshvar Kumar and D & # 39; Arci Short takes a comfortable single. AUS 1-0 after 0.1

13:20 IST: Openers D & # 39; Arci Short and Aaron Finch are in the middle of Australia. Bhuvneshvar Kumar will begin the process for India. One is in position for Bhuvneshvar. Here we go!

13:10 IST: Everyone is ready!

12:57 IST: Play KSI for both teams.

India: Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhavan, Virat Kohli (c), Lokesh Rahul, Rishabh Pant (v), Dinesh Karthik, Krunal Pandia, Bhuvneshvar Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav, Jasprit Bumrah, Khaleel Ahmed.

Australia: D Arci Short, Aaron Finch, Chris Linn, Glenn Makvell, Marcus Stoinis, Ben McDermott, Alek Carei, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Andrew Tie, Adam Zampa, Jason Behrendorff.

12:53 IST: Toš – Indian skipper Virat Kohli won the football and decided to take off against Australia.

12:38 IST: Good news! The covers are folded.

12:33 IST: Time Update – Cloudy at this moment in Melbourne with a little bit of water.

12:30 pm IST: Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the 2nd T20I between India and Australia in Melbourne.

Managing the team can also lead to a temptation to review the bowling attack again. On the grassy surface, Krunal Pandia was robbed of 55 races in his fourth silence and was hit by half-dozen of six. If MCG is also Gabb's nature, Kohli may be tempted to bring legs for spinner Yuvvendra Chahal, who can boast of the brilliant T20I caricature record. Even then, it remains to be seen whether the management team rings in any changes after such a close defeat, especially when the balance is upset. Leaving Pandey, they will leave them batsman short, and Kohl may not be interested in taking that cube. The loss, however tight, actually raised such doubts in the strategic preparations of the Indian team in a format in which they dominated since July 2017. In the first match, the skipper Kohli talked about the need to intervene in the mistakes and return to head in the key heroes of the game.

In Brisbane, "Men in Blue" were found stumble on the ground, and this proved to be the biggest difference in the game it was watching. Even Kohli himself was guilty of poor field efforts in at least two occasions, caught his opponent Aaron Finch in the fourth and later participated in the wrong field from the depth. Australia is proud of a larger number than in India, with larger borders of course, and MCG will prove to be another challenge in this regard. The task is drawn in front of the team management to work at the installation angles to raise their efforts in another T20I. Not helping in this series to come so short, coach R Sridhar will not be able to work with players on MCG.

Any improvements in the field will have to be theoretically drilled in the wardrobe. And India will also look for other areas in which to improve. The conviction that Adam Zampa met as a potter spinner worked wonders for Australia and with intense field efforts, Australia managed to make a winning difference. Things look very different in the host camp suddenly, when they were simply considered to be the best for men in blue across all departments less than 48 hours ago. Melbourne is experiencing a storm in the last half of this week, so there is a small chance that another T20I could also affect the rain.


India: Virat Kohli, Shikhar Dhavan, Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul, Manish Pandei, Shreias Iier, Dinesh Karthik, Rishabh Pant (vk), Krunal Pandia, Iuzvendra Chahal, Kuldeep Yadav, Jasprit Bumrah, Bhuvneshvar Kumar, Umesh Yadav, Khaleel Ahmed .

Australia: Aaron Finch (capt), Ashton Agar, Jason Behrendorff, Alek Carei (vk), Nathan Coulter-Nile, Chris Linn, Ben McDermott, Glenn Makvell, Arci Short, Billy Stanlake, Marcus Stoinis, Andrew Tie, Adam Zampa .

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